Student Accident Insurance




To:                  All Principals and Assistant Principals

From:              Carl Vincent, Risk Manager & Benefit Analyst

Date:               July 30, 2019

Subj:                Student Accident Insurance



For the 2019-2020 school year, the Student Accident Insurance Program will be as follows:


  1. Voluntary Student Accident Insurance will, again this year, be offered through the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) insurance division. K and K Insurance Group, Inc. continues to include dental coverage with each option. 




Plan offered


School Time


24 Hour – All year

24 Hour -

Summer only

Low coverage option with Dental


$ 82.00


High coverage option with Dental






Even if parents have other insurance, the Plan may cover unpaid balances, deductibles and pay those eligible medical expenses not covered by other insurance.  Benefits will be paid on the unpaid balances after their other insurance has paid.  No benefit of this policy is payable for any expense incurred for an injury which is paid or payable by other valid and collectible insurance, including an ERISA or self-funded group policy, except for no-fault automobile insurance, guaranteed renewable, intensive care or specified disease policies.  Covered medical expenses exclude amounts not covered by the primary carrier due to penalties imposed as a result of the covered person’s failure to comply with policy provisions or requirements. 


K and K should provide each school with an adequate supply of one page, bi-lingual flyers.  Administration of this program will only require distribution of the flyer to the parents via each student.  Parents will be able to enroll on-line and pay directly at:


The school should not collect any applications or payments.  For those parents who want to enroll, but do not have access to the internet, you may wish to consider making arrangements through your media center or directing them to the County Library.  Parents having any questions can call, toll free 1-855-742-3135 and follow the instructions. 


If your school has a website, the link above can be placed on it, with other appropriate internet links for easy use by parents. 

Student Accident Insurance (cont.)                            -2-                               August 1, 2019


This insurance is offered primarily for the benefit of those parents without health insurance.  Each school should maintain a supply of claim forms – see attached.  These forms should be retained in the nurse’s office with a supply shared with the Athletic trainer.  Claim forms can be obtained from the website at



All questions about coverage and eligibility should be directed to the website, by calling 1-855-742-3135, to the administrator, K and K Insurance Group, Inc., 1712 Magnavox Way P.O. Box 2338 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2338 or by email through the website.  For claims, parents should call 1-800-237-2917 and follow the instructions.


  1. Optional Field Trip Coverage – K and K Insurance offers coverage for accidental injuries occurring during school sponsored and supervised field trips. Rates have been established for school day and multiple day (including overnight) trips.  Schools may even purchase annual field trip coverage, which would be in effect for all students and trips throughout the school year.  The price by school type is $350 for elementary, $450 for middle and $650 for a high school.  Email me anytime for details.


NOTE:   Students participating in extracurricular activities (other than football) that begin in August may purchase the voluntary student accident insurance at that time.  Coverage will commence immediately when purchased from the K and K website.


  • Mandatory insurance for varsity and junior varsity football players will again be provided by the Board through MABE and K and K Insurance. The plan has a $25,000 limit for varsity and JV players.  It pays for covered expenses that are not recoverable from another plan providing medical expense benefits.  A separate memo covered the details with the 3 high schools with a football program.


  1. Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance will again be provided by the Board through MABE and the National Union Fire Insurance Company, an insurance carrier. This insurance provides protection for all enrolled students. Benefits are subject to a $25,000 deductible and a $6,000,000 limit and are payable only for covered expenses that are in excess of amounts payable by other valid and collectible group insurance.  Email me with any questions about the catastrophic accident medical coverage.



If you have any questions, please call me at extension 4567 or e-mail me at