Weeks Ahead


June 21, 2022

As you know, report cards are available through the Family Portal beginning today. Please take the opportunity to open the portal and review your child’s progress through this school year. Please note all comments and consider how your child needs to focus this summer and as he or she begins the next school year. Congratulations may be in order! And careful, constructive criticism may be required, as well. But, please look for opportunities to celebrate, and ensure that your child has many enriching activities in which to engage over the next few weeks.

We have many items left-over from classrooms, hallways, the gymnasium, playing fields and other areas in school. These items include clothing, outerwear, books, electronics, and other materials. We will offer one more opportunity for parents to collect these items before sending them to Goodwill or another organization. Please connect with the office by this Friday if your child is missing anything that you will retrieve; otherwise, we will be donating or discarding all of these items.

And, your child may have additional items that belong to the school or our district. Please hunt around for computers, chargers (with all parts), hotspots and other items that belong to school. Be aware, if these items are not accounted for, families may accrue fees associated with repair or replacement. In addition, look for books and other items that belong to your child’s teachers or our media center and send them to school so that we may collect them and return them to inventory or to the classrooms where they belong.

Finally, this may be the last message that I will be sending from Fruitland Intermediate School to the entire school community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your children these last dozen years. Indeed, especially as I watched older siblings come through, I have known or have seen many of these students for almost a decade or more. Thank you for entrusting me and our school with your children; it has been my pleasure to serve the community for such a long time. We leave it in good hands as Ms. Tara Parsons becomes principal & captain of the Fruitland Intermediate Skipjack, and Ms. Valerie Folsom continues in her role as assistant principal. I wish them well as they continue to build upon our successes.