Technology Request



Technology Request


Our district has committed to providing computers for students and to support connecting families through access to the Internet. We appreciate that you have reached out to us as Dr. Hanlin has described, but to enable us to manage your requests and distribute equipment efficiently, please complete the form that is attached to this message and found on our website or Facebook. Even if you have sent a message to any of our email addresses, we need you to compete the electronic form so that we have a central location for all the requests and so that we may manage distribution when equipment is available.

You may click here to go directly to the form.

Verizon hotspots may be available through this equipment distribution, but you already may be connected through Comcast, Direct TV or other service provider. Indeed, Comcast provides “Internet Essentials,” a service that costs less than $10/month. You may access a link to that program through our website page, the equipment survey or Facebook. Again, you may click here to go directly to that program.

Depending on the volume of requests, we may have to schedule pick-up of the equipment over several days; please be attentive to future messages as we will direct families to come to school to obtain machines when we can distribute them most efficiently.