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Talking To Your Child About Racism

Talking To Your Child About Racism


Recent events expose the injustices that are present in our society. All of us experience these events in different ways, including our students. The youngest of our children see only love and respect. Hatred is learned. Help us by teaching and modeling love and respect as we work together to help our children grow up to be better citizens. Please talk to your children about what they are witnessing. If your children are too young to discuss violence and hatred, maybe start with a conversation about treating others with kindness and acceptance. Please know that we have staff available to help students process what has been happening.

If you believe your child needs a counselor to talk with, please call your school to make an appointment. We want to make sure that students are supported in the trauma or fears they may be feeling as a result of what they are seeing and hearing. Through a unified effort and our focus on equity and support for the individual needs of our students, we can come out stronger as a system and as a community.

Below are some resources to assist you with these conversations:


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