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Precautionary Travel Rules Announced for Wicomico Public Schools

Precautionary Travel Rules Announced for Wicomico County Public Schools

 Due to concerns about coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna Hanlin has announced new travel rules for Wicomico County Public Schools:

 · • Students and/or staff will still be able to travel to events in Maryland or close, neighboring communities on Delmarva, but other out-of-state trips are canceled at this time. This is in keeping with the precautionary travel restrictions put in place by the State of Maryland and advised by the Maryland State Department of Education for all Maryland school systems, yet recognizes the importance of permitting travel to Delaware locations that are in close proximity to Wicomico.

 · • Although field trips and athletic team travel in state and to close, neighboring communities on Delmarva will continue at this time, in some cases a trip may be canceled when the event organizer postpones or cancels the event. Trips will be evaluated as needed on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the Wicomico County Health Department.

 ·  There are no school system-supported international trips scheduled in Wicomico County Public Schools. Families planning an international trip should familiarize themselves with travel information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including the list of high-risk countries and post-travel procedures, including a 14-day self-quarantine for some travelers. CDC:

 “Wicomico County Public Schools is committed to the health and safety of our students and staff,” Dr. Hanlin said. “We want to keep our students, staff and families healthy, and restricting most out-of-state travel right now makes good public health sense.”

 Dr. Hanlin and school system staff are in frequent communication with the Wicomico County Health Department, Wicomico County Department of Emergency Services, Maryland State Department of Education and other school systems to review and respond to this global pandemic. The local, state and federal guidance thus far has been that there appears to be a low health risk for schools, and schools should remain open as normal, with frequent reminders about proper hand washing and hygiene and standard daily cleaning.

 For protection from and to prevent the spread of coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory illnesses, Maryland Department of Health officials recommend:

-Washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

-Using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

-Avoiding the touching of your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

-Directing sneezes or coughs into a tissue, discarding the tissue, then washing or sanitizing hands thoroughly.

-Staying home when sick.

-Regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Wicomico Schools is prepared to implement further public health recommendations as required. Updated information will be shared with the school community and posted on our webpage ( as it becomes available.

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions...

 We have received a number of inquiries from parents, students and staff members regarding school procedures in connection with the novel coronavirus.

·  PERSONAL SANITATION AND HYGIENE. Schools have supplies on hand for hygiene and sanitation and will continue the normal daily routine of cleaning schools. Parents may choose to have their student bring personal use items such as hand sanitizer, hand soap, and wipes.

·  STUDENT ATTENDANCE. While all of us are concerned about this serious public health issue, instruction continues to take place in schools and healthy students are expected to be in attendance. However, Wicomico County Public Schools will be flexible with the updated attendance procedures under the current circumstances. Make-up work for absent students will be handled through existing procedures. Parents who have attendance questions should contact the school office.

·  ONLINE INSTRUCTION. While many colleges and universities have been able to quickly shift instruction to online learning, many of our students do not have internet access at home. In Wicomico Schools, close to 60 percent of students qualify for Free or Reduced Meals due to limited family income and this must be taken into consideration for any academic plans moving forward.

 · QUESTIONS ABOUT SCHOOL PROCEDURES. Parents, students and school-based staff should direct questions about school procedures to the school office. Schools will respond to questions either directly or in regular mass communications to school families and staff.

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