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Board of Education, School System Say Thank You and Good Luck to the 2018-2019 Retirees from Wicomico County Public Schools

The Wicomico County Board of Education and Wicomico County Public Schools say thank you and good luck to the teachers, instructional assistants, administrators, and support staff members who have retired in the 2018-2019 school year. These employees provided many years of outstanding work on behalf of Wicomico students and families, and they were celebrated at the June 2019 Awards & Recognitions Night.


Marilyn K. Johnson, Professional Development Coach, Willards Elementary, 49 years

Anthony J. Giddens, Student Advisor, Wicomico Middle, 47 years

Rosetta E. Dennis, Speech Language Therapist, Prince Street Elementary, 45.5 years

Barbara G. Kerr, Special Education Program Specialist, Student Services/Instruction, Central Office, 44 years

Ellen W. Horner, Instructional Assistant III – Special Education, James M. Bennett High, 43 years


Susan M. Ward, Professional Development Coach, Parkside High, 43 years

Debra Panicucci, Intervention Teacher, Charles H. Chipman Elementary 42.4 years

Faith A. Fields, Accounting Associate I, Business Support Services, Central Office, 42 years

Elizabeth M. McQuown, Special Education Teacher, Beaver Run Elementary Wicomico Early Learning Center, 42 years with Wicomico Schools, 44 years total

Debra A. Turner, Guidance Counselor, Salisbury Middle, 41 years


Sharon C. Cooper, Dean of Students, Mardela Middle and High, 40 years

Vicki L. Ewalt, Media Specialist, Willards Elementary, 40 years

Lester N. Byrd, Building Service Manager II, Delmar Elementary, 35 years

Linda R. Huffman, Grade 2 Teacher, Prince Street Elementary, 34.6 years

Sharon L. Birch, Spanish teacher, James M. Bennett High, 34 years


Edwin B. “Bruce” Ford, Chief Finance and Operations Officer, Administration, Central Office, 32 years

Anita M. Harris, Grade 5 Teacher, Fruitland Intermediate, 31.8 years

Patricia A. Brinson, Instructional Assistant II – Kindergarten, Delmar Elementary, 31.6 years

Linda R. Trott, Food Service Satellite Leader, Westside Primary, 30.8 years

Anna M. Owens, Instructional Assistant II – Elementary Intervention, East Salisbury Elementary, 30.4 years


Carla L. LesCallette, Supervisor of Educational Technology, Media, and New Teacher Induction, Instruction, Central Office, 30 years

James D. Lingo, Physical Education Teacher, Delmar Elementary, 30 years

Patricia K. McKenzie, Kindergarten Teacher, Westside Primary, 29.9 years with Wicomico Schools, 31.2 years total

Barbara A. Hayward, Food Service Worker, Wicomico High, 29.2 years

Barbara J. Robinson, Math Teacher, Salisbury Middle, 29 years


Tamara L. Pusey, Instructional Assistant II – Elementary Intervention, East Salisbury Elementary, 28.6 years

Lynn L. Ruark, Instructional Assistant II – Special Education, Prince Street Elementary, 28 years

Carole A. Bernstein, Special Education Teacher, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 27.7 years with Wicomico Schools, 29.7 years total

Jan E. Warren, Accounting Associate II – Schools, Willards Elementary, 27 years

Shelley K. Ennis, Administrative Office Associate, Facility Services, Central Office, 27 years

Karen M. Carroll, English Language Arts Teacher, Salisbury Middle, 25 years


Pamela T. Crockett, Food Service Manager III, Salisbury Middle, 25 years

Dazzie D. Elzey, Building Service Manager I, Pemberton Elementary, 24.8 years

Debra J. Ryan, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Prince Street Elementary, 23.6 years

Michael T. Cody, Principal, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 21 years with Wicomico Schools, 34 years total

Maureen D. Nolan, Interpreter, Glen Avenue Elementary, 21 years


Diane L. Bishop, Art Teacher, Westside Intermediate, 20 years

Diane D. Hudson, Instructional Assistant II – Kindergarten, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, 20 years

Sherri T. Hynes, Human Resources Specialist I, Human Resources, Central Office, 20 years

Albert E. Jones, Assistant Building Service Manager III, Parkside High, 19.9 years

Nancy L. Derickson, Instructional Assistant I – Special Education, Wicomico High, 18.8 years


Vincent I. Collins, Custodian I, Wicomico High, 18.6 years

Babette M. Jarrett, English Language Arts teacher, Wicomico Middle, 18 years

Rita D. Kerr, Grade 5 Teacher, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 17.7 years

Diana L. Hill, Grade 3 Teacher, North Salisbury Elementary, 17 years with Wicomico Schools, 40.1 years total

Daryl T. Jones, Math Teacher, Wicomico High, 16 years with Wicomico Schools, 26 years total

Bonnie K. Gordy, Instructional Assistant III – In-School Suspension, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 15.9 years


Deborah I. Casavant, Earth Science Teacher, Parkside High, 15 years with Wicomico Schools, 18 years total

Audrey L. Cottrell, Custodian, East Salisbury Elementary, 14 years

John D. Bradley, Maintenance Tech III – HVAC, Facility Services, Central Office, 13.9 years

David W. Price, Maintenance Tech III, Facility Services, Central Office, 13.4 years

Regina J. Rando, Principal, Pinehurst Elementary, 12.6 years with Wicomico Schools, 39.6 years total

Susan J. Bullock, Instructional Assistant III, Beaver Run Elementary Wicomico Early Learning Center, 12.3 years


Sodonia R. Jones, Custodian I, Glen Avenue Elementary, 12.4 years

Alan D. Fountain, Transportation Associate, Transportation Services, Central Office, 11.8 years

Deborah A. Rhyanes, Instructional Assistant III – Special Education, James M. Bennett High, 10.5 years

Sandra D. Batts, Custodian I, East Salisbury Elementary, 9.3 years

Leatricia M. Dix, Technology Specialist II, Pittsville/Willards, 6.7 years

Kathy E. Murphy, Administrative Assistant – Schools, Delmar Elementary, 5.3 years