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Congratulations to the Honorees from the June 2019 Awards & Recognitions Night!

Congratulations to all of the student, staff and school honorees from the June 6 Awards & Recognitions Night! The Wicomico County Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna Hanlin and Wicomico County Public Schools were proud to celebrate your achievements.


2019 Superintendent’s Art Collection

Each spring we are delighted by the creative work of our students at the Elementary & Secondary Student Art Show, held at the Downtown Salisbury branch of the Wicomico Public Libraries. One of the most challenging yet most satisfying tasks each year for Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna Hanlin is choosing artwork for the Superintendent’s Art Collection. This fall, the student artists and their families will be invited to a special reception to see their work on display.  

Certificates of recognition for these students whose artwork was selected for the 2019 Superintendent’s Art Collection:

Christian Vidal, Kindergarten, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, instructor Ms. Zimmerman

Emilie Wagner, Kindergarten, Westside Primary, instructor Mrs. Bishop

Aspen Wilkins, Kindergarten, Fruitland Primary, instructor Ms. Smith

Kenleigh Fowler, Kindergarten, Willards Elementary, instructor Ms. Phillips

Loghan O’Neil, Grade 1, Beaver Run Elementary, instructor Mrs. Johnson

Destiny Nguyen, Grade 1, West Salisbury Elementary, Mr. Auger

Pheonie Zhang, Grade 4, North Salisbury Elementary, instructor Mr. Auger

Joshua Perdomo-Calixto, Grade 3, Prince Street Elementary, instructor Ms. Rommel

Noah Bounds, Grade 3, Fruitland Intermediate, instructor Mr. Heberlig

Ava Holland, Grade 4, Northwestern Elementary, instructor Mrs. Randall

Bryce Beach, Grade 4, Delmar Elementary, instructor Ms. Henderson

Elijah Donaldson, Grade 5, Glen Avenue Elementary, instructor Mrs. Phillips

Adam Maynard and Deanah Cirius, Grade 5, Pinehurst Elementary, instructor Mr. Cotton

Ava Holland, Grade 5, East Salisbury Elementary, instructor Mr. Cotton

Treyvon Kenney, Grade 5, Pemberton Elementary, instructor Mr. Heberlig

Lexie Guy, Grade 5, Westside Intermediate, instructor Ms. Bishop

Maia Raizen, Grade 6, Mardela Middle and High, instructor Ms. Dean

Kenric Bailey, Grade 6, Salisbury Middle, instructor Mrs. Carnahan

Arynthea Carey, Grade 7, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, instructor Ms. Gilland

Gracy Caulder, Grade 8, Bennett Middle, instructor Mrs. Littleton

Nashaly Islas-Figueroa, Grade 7, Wicomico Middle, instructor Ms. Gonzalez

Hajir Ibrahim, Grade 10, Parkside High, instructor Mr. Jones

Samantha Holland, Grade 11, Wicomico High, instructor Mr. Averill

Madison Synowiec, Grade 11, James M. Bennett High, instructor Ms. Davis


These last two pieces of art were created by students in the Wicomico County Visual and Performing Arts Program, with instructors Mr. Foltz, Mr. Jones and Mrs. Choi:

Lucy Adelizzi, Class of 2019, James M. Bennett High

Krystal Colon, Class of 2019 of Mardela High


2018-2019 Retirees (40 Years and More)

We recognize those retiring from service with Wicomico County Public Schools. The Board of Education has a letter of appreciation and a small gift for each retiree in thanks for dedicated service as a valued member of the education team. Retirees are recognized in groups based on how long they served Wicomico Schools, starting with 40 years or more:

Marilyn K. Johnson, Professional Development Coach, Willards Elementary, 49 years

Anthony J. Giddens, Student Advisor, Wicomico Middle, 47 years

Rosetta E. Dennis, Speech Language Therapist, Prince Street Elementary, 45.5 years

Barbara G. Kerr, Special Education Program Specialist, Student Services/Instruction, 44 years

Ellen W. Horner, Instructional Assistant III – Special Education, James M. Bennett High, 43 years

Susan M. Ward, Professional Development Coach, Parkside High, 43 years

Debra Panicucci, Intervention Teacher, Charles H. Chipman Elementary 42.4 years

Faith Fields, Accounting Associate I, Business Support Services, 42 years

Elizabeth M. McQuown, Special Education Teacher, Wicomico Early Learning Center, 42 years with Wicomico Schools, 44 years total

Debra A. Turner, Guidance Counselor, Salisbury Middle, 41 years

Sharon C. Cooper, Dean of Students, Mardela Middle and High, 40 years

Vicki L. Ewalt, Media Specialist, Willards Elementary, 40 years


Maryland 3A State Champion Baseball Team

The James M. Bennett High Clippers Baseball team started the season strong, carrying an unbeaten record into the spring holiday break. But then the team suffered several losses, and its playoff prospects didn’t look quite as promising. The team got back to its winning ways in the Class 3A playoffs, defeating Chesapeake High, Stephen Decatur and then Atholton to reach the state semifinals.

The Clippers topped Thomas Johnson 3-2 in the state semifinals on May 21st to advance to the state championship game. Playing under the lights in the final game of the 2019 Maryland baseball season on May 25th at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, the Clippers proved themselves the best 3A team in the state with a 5-3 win over C. Milton Wright. It was JMB’s fourth state baseball title since 2006.

Certificates of achievement for the Maryland 3A State Champion Baseball team from James M. Bennett High School:

Players: Garrett Southern, Paul Oscar, Max Taylor, Ryan Mitchell, Brett Swift, Anders Brown, Colby Dailey, Hunter Smith, Naythan Lewis, Aaron Combs, Gene Williams, Dylan Gordon, Blake Corbin, Sang Ho Baek, Alex Smoot, Jake LeCates, Chase Illian, Chase Dixon, Cole Blades, Parker Massey, Jacob Hare

Managers: Becca Clark, Molly Sahler, Bart Smoot

Coaches: Jay Fenoglietto and Jesse Serig, Head Coaches; Dave Owens and Zach Taylor, Assistant Coaches


Maryland Business Roundtable for Education Student Ambassador

Certificate of recognition for Heaven Rodriguez of Wicomico Middle for being named a 2018-2019 Student Ambassador for the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education. She is one of the very first Student Ambassadors for the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education. Heaven, an 8th-Grader at Wi Middle, was chosen as an effective communicator and leader in her community. She joins other Student Ambassadors who have demonstrated a desire to improve their school and community by making their voices heard in discussions related to education policy. She has shown curiosity, empathy and enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and take on new challenges.


Wicomico County STEM Championships

The 2019 Wicomico County STEM Championships were held on May 21st at James M. Bennett High. Top teams from all intermediate and middle schools competed with the devices they designed and built to solve a grade-specific challenge.

Certificates of recognition for members of the county champion team for each grade level:

3rd Grade Champion: Fruitland Intermediate, Davion Rhock, Tri Huynh, Gideon Sheats

3rd Grade: Safe Racer. Teams had to design a race car that could carry an egg down an incline plane and into a solid barrier. Only the cars whose “Egg Drivers” survived the crash test moved on to phase two of the challenge, running the cars for the best total distance.

4th Grade Champion: East Salisbury Elementary, Zuri Romero-Castro, Alia Thode, Meadow Kelley

4th Grade: Disaster relief food drop challenge. Students designed, constructed, and tested a container that could protect an egg when dropped at ever-increasing heights modeling relief supply drops into disaster areas. Successful teams were able to protect the egg while also keeping project "costs" low.

5th Grade Champion: Glen Avenue Elementary, Youvensley Estimable, Tyrais Silva, Jakob Jarvi

5th Graders modeled the Curiosity Rover's descent and landing onto the surface of Mars by designing a parachuted device that could protect an egg when being dropped from increasing heights. Successful teams were able to land their rover safely while also keeping project "costs" low.

6th Grade Champion: Pittsville Middle, Jack Smith and Charles Richardson

6th Grade: earthquake-resistant structures, part of the 6th Grade Unit on Earth Systems including the generation and impact of earthquakes. Teams designed and constructed earthquake-resistant structures, which were tested with weight and motion on shake tables.

7th Grade Champion: Pittsville Middle, Abby Beauchamp and Hannah Johnson

7th Grade designed adapted limbs to retrieve items over a distance, in connection with their life science unit on anatomy, genetic mutations, variations, and adaptations.

8th Grade Champion: Pittsville Middle, Jonathan Lombardo, Grant Rowbottom, Ethan Filutze

8th Grade designed and built mousetrap-powered cars, tying into a physics unit on mechanics and motion. The cars were tested for both speed and distance traveled.


2018-2019 Milestone in Athletics

Certificate of achievement for reaching the milestone in athletics of 100 career goals in lacrosse toward the end of his final season, when his team went all the way to the 3A state semifinal:

Braden Glushakow, James M. Bennett High


Maryland History Day Competition

For a fourth year, teams and individuals from Wicomico Public Schools participated in the regional History Day contest held at Salisbury University, with great support from teachers. A number of teams finished 1st or 2nd to qualify for the state competition.

Certificates of recognition for the students who competed at the state level.

Rachael Funchess and Alyson Eisemann of Bennett Middle, for Junior Group Website

Kadan Knapp and Ty Beach of Bennett Middle, for Junior Group Website

Riley Forrestal, Daphne Min and Emma Nyland of Bennett Middle, for Junior Group Documentary

Samantha Glenn, Gabby Hunt, Anisah Khattak, James Hsia and Gavin Dennis of Parkside High, for Senior Group Documentary

Cadell Stone and Dennis Killian of Wicomico High, for Senor Group Documentary


2018-2019 Retirees (29.9-35 Years with Wicomico Schools)

Lester N. Byrd, Building Service Manager II, Delmar Elementary, 35 years

Linda R. Huffman, Grade 2 Teacher, Prince Street Elementary, 34.6 years

Sharon L. Birch, Spanish teacher, James M. Bennett High, 34 years

Edwin B. “Bruce” Ford, Chief Finance and Operations Officer, Administration, 32 years

Anita M. Harris, Grade 5 Teacher, Fruitland Intermediate, 31.8 years

Patricia A. Brinson, Instructional Assistant II – Kindergarten, 31.6 years

Linda R. Trott, Food Service Satellite Leader, Westside Primary

Anna M. Owens, Instructional Assistant II – Elementary Intervention, East Salisbury Elementary, 30.4 years

Carla L. LesCallette, Supervisor of Educational Technology, Media, and New Teacher Induction, Instruction, 30 years

James Lingo, Physical Education Teacher, Delmar Elementary, 30 years

Patricia K. McKenzie, Kindergarten Teacher, Westside Primary, 29.9 years with Wicomico Schools, 31.2 years total


Letters about Literature

Every year, The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress presents Letters About Literature, a national reading and writing promotion program. Readers write a personal letter to an author, living or dead, from any genre, explaining how that author’s work changed the student’s way of thinking about the world or themselves. In Maryland, thousands of students enter the contest conducted by Maryland Humanities.

Certificates of recognition for these five students of Salisbury Middle English Language Arts teacher Tara Elliott, among just 101 finalists:

Turner Greenhalgh, Laugh Out Loud by James Patterson

Austin Loar, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Millicent Muriuki, Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Jordan Scott, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Gregory Nichols, home schooled, formerly of Salisbury Middle, The BFG by Roald Dahl


2018-2019 Army JROTC Academic Bowl

Later this month the Academic Team from the Wicomico High School JROTC will travel to Washington, D.C. to compete in the national Army JROTC Academic Bowl. More than 1,400 JROTC teams competed in the 1st round of the Academic Bowl. Both this year and last year the Wicomico JROTC team made it to the 2nd round, and this year Wicomico JROTC is one of just 32 teams nationwide that will compete at the highest level. Congratulations and good luck at the national bowl to:

Team members: Reece Chang, Maryum Khwaja, Bianca Sweeney, Matthew Waggoner

Coaches: Rebecca Mathews, William Taylor, Scott Brown


JROTC Excellence in Community Service and Performance

The JROTC program at Wicomico High School helps students build skills in character, leadership and service throughout the school year. It serves its students, school, school system, and community like no other program. Now it is our turn to serve the JROTC by presenting a certificate of achievement for Community Service and Achievement to the Wicomico High School JROTC.

JROTC Cadets performed as Honor Guard during the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day ceremonies held at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center, helping the War Memorial Committee with set-up and presenting colors of all military services and our national colors.

Color guards performed more than 50 missions in the community this school year, including leading the Fruitland Easter Parade and performing at Salisbury University Men’s Lacrosse, Bayside Championship and state 2A championship basketball games, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration, and Christmas parades in Salisbury and Snow Hill, to name just a few.

Cadets volunteered for dozens and dozens of community and school events throughout the year, including the National Men’s Lacrosse Final in Philadelphia, the Governor’s Challenge basketball tournament, and high school commencement ceremonies.

For the seventh consecutive year, the JROTC program was rated 400/400 by Cadet Command for excellence in community support and program performance. It was also fully accredited by HQ, Cadet Command and received excellent ratings in Drill Team performance, Cadet Interviews, Program Unit Report and JROTC Instructor Review, Interview.   

Tthe JROTC Academic Team qualified to compete in the National JROTC Academic Bowl. The Tribe Battalion Drill Team won 1st place in Exhibition Drill at the regional drill competition and finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in every drill category. The Raider Team finished 2nd Overall in our Region and recorded the fastest Rope Bridge team time in three of their events. They collected 16 team trophies in four events including a 1st Place while hosting their own Raider Competition for teams from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.


2018-2019 Retirees (25-29.2 Years with Wicomico Schools)

Barbara A. Hayward, Food Service Worker, Wicomico High, 29.2 years

Barbara J. Robinson, Math Teacher, Salisbury Middle, 29 years

Tamara L. Pusey, Instructional Assistant II – Elementary Intervention, East Salisbury Elementary, 28.6 years

Lynn L. Ruark, Instructional Assistant II – Special Education, Prince Street Elementary, 28 years

Jan E. Warren, Accounting Associate II – Schools, Willards Elementary, 27 years

Shelley K. Ennis, Administrative Office Associate, Facility Services, 27 years

Karen M. Carroll, English Language Arts Teacher, Salisbury Middle, 25 years

Pamela T. Crockett, Food Service Manager III, Salisbury Middle, 25 years


Rensselaer Medal Award

A certificate of recognition from the Board of Education and school system and a certificate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for Lauren Illa, a junior at James M. Bennett High, for receiving the Rensselaer Medal Award. The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY accepts nominations each year for the Rensselaer Medal Award, which has been given since 1916. The award leads to a scholarship of $25,000 a year or $100,000 total for students who are accepted to and attend RPI. Each participating high school may nominate one outstanding student with an interest in science, engineering or technology, and RPI then determines if the student qualifies for the Rensselaer Medal Award. If Lauren elects to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she will receive the official Rensselaer Medallion during an Honors Convocation in the fall of her first year at Rensselaer.


Maryland Green School Award Program

The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education recognizes schools that have made a commitment to environmental protection and restoration through actions involving the physical plant, curriculum, professional development, and student action projects. Participating schools empower youth to make changes to reduce environmental impact, encourage sustainability, and foster environmental literacy.

Certificate of achievement to Beaver Run Elementary School as our newest Maryland Green School.

Certificate of leadership for teacher Valerie Folsom, who led this successful three-year effort.

Team members: teachers Folsom, Jessie Taylor, Laura McClintock and Ashley Johnson, Principal Curtis Twilley, and assistant principals Tana Ellis and Cindy Becker

Wicomico now has seven Maryland Green Schools: Beaver Run Elementary, Fruitland Intermediate, Westside Intermediate, Fruitland Primary, Parkside High, Willards Elementary and James M. Bennett High.


Baxter Enterprises/McDonald’s McEducator Awards

Thanks to a partnership that started 20 years ago between West Salisbury Elementary and Baxter Enterprises/McDonald's, thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students have benefited from support that exceeds well over a half-million dollars. Baxter Enterprises supports education across Delmarva, including in Wicomico County Public Schools, with coupons, bicycles, scholarships, spirit nights, and the McEducator Awards. We greatly appreciate Baxter Enterprises for its outstanding commitment to education.

The McEducator Award is given annually to a top teacher from each elementary school for outstanding attendance, commendable observations and evaluations, positive rapport with others, tenured status, and an effective instructional program. Representing Baxter Enterprises to present each 2019 McEducator with a certificate and a $300 gift card: Casi Mullins, Administrative Assistant; Sarah Selimo, Marketing; and Ricardo Bravo, Operations Manager.

2019 McEducators:

Abigail Conway, Beaver Run Elementary     

Kathryn Miller, Charles H. Chipman Elementary      

Karen Sowell, Delmar Elementary    

Ronald Bose, East Salisbury Elementary

Phoebe Horsman, Fruitland Primary

Kathryn Quillin Wight, Fruitland Intermediate        

Kacie Robinson, Glen Avenue Elementary                

Mary Lee Winters, North Salisbury Elementary

John Cox, Northwestern Elementary

Cynthia Malone, Pemberton Elementary

Denise Cathell, Pinehurst Elementary                                           

Andrea Marshall, Pittsville Elementary

Paige Baker, Prince Street Elementary

Amber Justice, West Salisbury Elementary

Pat McKenzie, Westside Primary

Cindy Phillips, Westside Intermediate

Stacey Phillips, Willards Elementary

Barbara Thomas, Wicomico Early Learning Center


2018-2019 Retirees (20-24.8 Years with Wicomico Schools)

Dazzie D. Elzey, Building Service Manager I, Pemberton Elementary, 24.8 years

Debra J. Ryan, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Prince Street Elementary, 23.6 years

Michael T. Cody, Principal, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 21 years with Wicomico Schools, 34 years total

Maureen D. Nolan, Interpreter, Glen Avenue Elementary, 21 years

Diane L. Bishop, Art Teacher, Westside Intermediate, 20 years

Diane D. Hudson, Instructional Assistant II – Kindergarten, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, 20 years

Sherri T. Hynes, Human Resources Specialist I, Human Resources, 20 years


“If I Were Mayor, I Would ...” Essay Contest

Each year, the Maryland Municipal League and the Maryland Mayors’ Association invite 4th-Grade students to participate in a statewide essay contest. The “If I Were Mayor, I Would...” Essay Contest gives students a chance to creatively use grade-specific language arts skills and knowledge of civics and social studies. The 2019 contest had nearly 2,700 entries, including many from the district that includes Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset and Dorchester counties. Salisbury Mayor Jake Day supported this program.

Certificate of achievement to the District 1 winner in the “If I Were Mayor, I Would …” Essay Contest. He was honored at a ceremony in Annapolis:

Dylan Rosas-Rivera, Pinehurst Elementary, teacher Ms. Johnson

Certificate of recognition for this District 1 semifinalist: Olivia Szczurko, Westside Intermediate, teacher Ms. Perry


Destination Imagination Global Finals

Destination Imagination – DI - is an extracurricular activity in which student teams build their skills in creative problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking. DI transcends race, gender and ethnic boundaries and is unparalleled in its engagement of parents. This year four teams from Wicomico Schools qualified for Global Finals through their excellent efforts at the Maryland State DI Tournament held at UMBC. Global Finals featured almost 1,200 teams and 17,000 attendees from 38 states and 17 countries. 

Certificates of achievement for these outstanding DI teams:

North Salisbury School Mustache Mustangs, Scientific Challenge (Medical Mystery), Elementary Level: 1st Place at States, third trip to Globals, 1st Place at Global Finals with a Renaissance Award for outstanding design and execution of a team-built hydraulic pump and scissor lift. This was the very first 1st Place Global Finals finish for a team from the Wicomico County DI Program.

Team members: Bella Thompsen, Isabella Hooper, Kate Miller-Vail, Nicholas Davala

Team Managers: Ashlee Thompsen and Jennifer Hooper

School Facilitators: Mary Kinnamon and Marlene Naumann


North Salisbury School Peculiar Pandas, Scientific Challenge (Medical Mystery), Middle School Level due to having team members in both elementary and middle school: 2nd Place at States, 13th Place at Global Finals.

Team members: Joshua Strickland, Rachel Haberlin, Julia Gore, Adithya Bhaskaran, Tobias McKinney, Isabella Haberlin, Natalie Breidenbach

Team Managers: Sarah and Charles Strickland

School Facilitators: Mary Kinnamon and Marlene Naumann


Salisbury Middle Panicking Penguins, Project Outreach Service Learning Challenge (Escape Artists), Middle School Level: 2nd Place at States, 30th Place at Global Finals.

Team members: Maya Thompsen, Emily Hooper, Elise Connolly, Shreevalli Mohanty

Team Managers: Ashlee Thompsen and Jennifer Hooper

School Facilitator: Tara Elliott


Parkside High School Carpe DIem, Technical/Mechanical Challenge (On Target), Secondary Level: 2nd Place at States with Renaissance Award for outstanding skill, 32nd Place at Global Finals.

Team members: Sarah Forrestal, Sara Sadjadi, Abi Creager, Aidan Patterson, Ibrahim “Abe” Ahmed, Simon Lewis

Team Managers: Shannon Forrestal and Ali Patterson

School Facilitator: Ronna Bievenour


Special certificate of leadership to Mary Kinnamon, longtime DI school facilitator at North Salisbury Elementary and an appraiser, in her 17th and final year with the program. Mrs. Kinnamon has supported the DI experience for countless students and parents, and we thank her for her leadership and commitment.


National Automotive Technology Competition at the New York International Auto Show

Two Wicomico County students from the Parkside High School Department of Career & Technology Education competed in the National Automotive Technology Competition at the New York International Auto Show in April. At stake in the contest were thousands of dollars in scholarships, tools, and gifts. The team of Koby Nguyen of Parkside and Ryan Lewis of Mardela represented Maryland against pairs of students from around the country in the two-day competition. Their automotive skills and knowledge were put to the test on a timed event in which they had to diagnose and repair intentionally installed “bugs” on a predetermined vehicle. They finished 6th out of 29 teams. They took home more than $50,000 in scholarships and prizes.


2018-2019 Retirees (15-19.9 Years with Wicomico Schools)

Albert E. Jones, Assistant Building Service Manager III, Parkside High, 19.9 years

Nancy L. Derickson, Instructional Assistant I – Special Education, Wicomico High, 18.8 years

Vincent I. Collins, Custodian I, Wicomico High, 18.6 years

Babette M. Jarrett, English Language Arts teacher, Wicomico Middle, 18 years

Rita D. Kerr, Grade 5 Teacher, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 17.7 years

Diana L. Hill, Grade 3 Teacher, North Salisbury Elementary, 17 years with Wicomico Schools, 40.1 years total

Daryl T. Jones, Math Teacher, Wicomico High, 16 years with Wicomico Schools, 26 years total

Bonnie K. Gordy, Instructional Assistant III – In-School Suspension, Pittsville Elementary and Middle, 15.9 years

Deborah I. Casavant, Earth Science Teacher, Parkside High, 15 years with Wicomico Schools, 18 years total


Light of Literacy Educator Luminary Award

The Friends of Wicomico Public Libraries’ annual Light of Literacy Awards recognize individuals and groups as shining examples of the best and brightest of our community in the area of literacy. Certificates of achievement for two of our outstanding teachers (and sisters) who were co-recipients of the 2019 Friends of Wicomico Public Libraries Light of Literacy Educator Luminary Award.

Amber Dorman and Kelly Dorman teach middle school English Language Arts at Mardela Middle and High School, and they have been the advisors for a weekly after-school book club for more than five years. Their guiding belief is that through literature for young adults, students realize they are not alone in experiencing the struggles, frustrations and joys common to adolescence. The book club provides a safe space for students to discuss how the content of a given book may relate to questions and issues in their own lives. They provide students with book choices, recruit high school students to serve as mentors, and raise funds on their own time to build a collection of books for the book club.


47 ABC Teacher Who Makes a Difference

Local TV station 47 ABC supports teachers by surprising lucky educators throughout the year with the 47 ABC Teacher Who Makes a Difference recognition. The TV station receives nominations and surprises recipients in their classrooms. Certificates of recognition for the Wicomico teachers who were honored as a 47 ABC Teacher Who Makes a Difference during the 2018-2019 school year:

Angel Wright, 2nd Grade teacher, West Salisbury Elementary, October 2018

Nida Moore, English Language Arts teacher at Bennett Middle, December 2018

Linda Dashiell, Kindergarten teacher at Fruitland Primary, February 2019


2018-2019 Retirees (Up to 14 Years in Wicomico Schools)

Audrey Cottrell, Custodian, East Salisbury Elementary, 14 years

John D. Bradley, Maintenance Tech III – HVAC, Facility Services, 13.9 years

David W. Price, Maintenance Tech III, Facility Services, 13.4 years

Regina J. Rando, Principal, Pinehurst Elementary, 12.6 years with Wicomico Schools, 39.6 years total

Susan J. Bullock, Instructional Assistant III, Wicomico Early Learning Center, 12.3 years

Sodonia R. Jones, Custodian I, Glen Avenue Elementary, 12.4 years

Alan D. Fountain, Transportation Associate, Transportation, 11.8 years

Deborah A. Rhyanes, Instructional Assistant III – Special Education, James M. Bennett High, 10.5 years

Leatricia M. Dix, Technology Specialist II, Pittsville/Willards, 6.7 years

Kathy E. Murphy, Administrative Assistant – Schools, Delmar Elementary, 5.3 years


Maryland 3A State Champion in Shot Put

A number of Track and Field athletes from Wicomico County Public Schools joined top athletes from around the state in late May to compete in the Maryland Track and Field State Finals. James M. Bennett High senior Brian Duperval stepped into the circle and, on his third throw, pushed the heavy ball 53 feet even. That distance proved to be tops in the state for 3A competitors, giving Brian a state championship in shot put to cap off his high school career and making his coaches very proud. Certificate of achievement and congratulations for Brian, the 2019 Maryland 3A State Champion in Shot Put.


Superior at 2019 Maryland State Solo and Ensemble Festivals

The Maryland Music Educators Association holds the State Solo and Ensemble Festivals each spring for students and groups that qualify by receiving a Superior rating at District Solo and Ensemble. Certificates of achievement for the following students and band that performed at State Solo and Ensemble and received a Superior rating – the highest rating available to a performer – at this highest level of competition.



Bennett Middle:

Andrea Chen, violin

Briana Truitt, violin

Mary Hsia, cello


James M. Bennett High:

Gabe Dunn, violin

Anna Long, violin

Josie Sollars, violin

Cristina Avanessian, violin

Simon Jeong, violin


Parkside High:

Sarah Runge, viola

Duter Leyna Paul, violin


Mardela Middle and High:

Alexzander Baer, cello

Jaylynn Boyington, violin



Bennett Middle:

Kiley DiCintio, clarinet

Kara Lewis, trumpet


Pittsville Middle:

Kayla Knoll, flute

Nicole Presho, alto sax

Chloe Dasher, flute


James M. Bennett High:

Kayla Lim, flute

Hannah Kim, flute

Simon Lewis, French horn


Parkside High:

Gi Kwon, flute

Sunny Baek, flute

Sara Sadjadi, flute

Kamerin Hull, flute

Kailey Thamert, clarinet

Gracie Perry, clarinet

Grace Davis, flute

Leanna Morris, French horn

Maggie Harkins, French horn

Lillian Dasher, French horn


Mardela Middle and High:


Beren Raizen, flute

Hunter Wilkins, baritone

Rylee-Gale Cropper, trumpet

Luke Murphy, trombone

Morgan McGee, flute

Rachel Lewis, flute and soprano sax

Emily Dennis, flute

Ja’Kaiyah Johnson, clarinet

Julianna Torre, clarinet

Madelyn Raygor, alto sax

Ava Hudson, alto sax

Matthew Guy, tenor sax

Jacob Harris, tenor sax

Alexis Cook, baritone sax

Logan Rudd, alto sax

Jacob Long, baritone

Brittany Palmer, trumpet

McKinley Hudson, trumpet

Alyssa Boltz, French horn

Matthew Lewis, French horn

Lily Travers, French horn and percussion

Adam Insley, trumpet

Madeline Umsted, trumpet

Mitchell Adams, trombone

Matthew Taylor, tuba

Breanna Soldatelli, mallets and percussion

Madison Horner, mallets, percussion, percussion ensemble director

Malik Allen, snare drum

Gary Hoehler, snare drum

Brooklin Davis, snare drum and percussion

Zachary Solembrino, snare drum and percussion

Makhai Bratten, percussion

Jake Taylor, percussion

Toby Ennis, percussion

Davin Jensen, percussion

Chase Spencer, percussion

Armani Banks, percussion

Hunter Wirt, mallets


For Maryland State Band Festival:

The Mardela High School Symphonic Band, Band Director Mr. Cory Boltz, scored Superior at the Maryland Music Educators Association High School Band Festival at Morgan State University on April 29th.


Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

Certificate of achievement for Band Director Cory Boltz and the Mardela High School Symphonic Band and Warrior Marching Band & Bandfront for success at the 2019 Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival held May 3rd and 4th in Winchester, Virginia. Mardela was Sweepstakes Winner, the overall winner of the 2019 Apple Blossom Festival for 6th time in 7 years, for having the highest averaged score from the three events:

-Concert Competition by the Symphonic Band: 1st Place Open Class Band, Top Band

-Friday Firefighters’ Parade: 1st Place Small Band, Top Auxiliary and Top Band among middle, high school and military bands for the Warrior Marching Band & Bandfront

-Grand Feature Parade: 1st Place Small Band, Top Bandfront, 1st Place Band among all competing Middle School, Large & Small High School & Military Bands