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Joint Statement from County Executive and Superintendent of Schools on Mardela Middle and High Project

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna C. Hanlin and Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver are pleased to announce that funding for the Mardela Middle and High improvement project will be part of the County Executive’s proposed 2020 Capital Budget.

At a collaborative meeting on Tuesday, May 14, teams for the school system and county agreed on details to move the Mardela project forward. County Executive Culver will shift $291,000 allocated in the FY2020 Capital Budget for the Westside Intermediate roof project to the Mardela Middle and High improvement project. (The state portion of the Westside Intermediate roof project was not funded, so county funding will not be needed until a future year.)

This initial funding from the county will enable the school system to begin development of an educational specification plan for the Mardela project. This educational specification plan is an important step forward in the improvement project for Mardela Middle and High School, as it will be a key part of the school system’s submission to the state for project planning approval. Subsequent funding for the Mardela project will be determined as information is forthcoming from the State.