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Wicomico Schools to Hold School Readiness Fair Saturday, March 30; Please RSVP Now

Parents and guardians of children ages birth to 5 should start planning now to attend the School Readiness Fair on Saturday, March 30 at Prince Street Elementary School. This event will be packed with fun, food and information to support children’s readiness for starting school.

The School Readiness Fair will take place from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. March 30th. Allen Memorial Baptist Church, a wonderful faith-based partner that supports Wicomico students, will provide bouncy houses, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, freshly popped popcorn, and snow cones made to order. The food will be free for School Readiness Fair attendees.

So that we’ll know how many people to plan for on that day, please RSVP now to, or call 410-677-4563.

The fair will have vendors with information, school readiness resources, workshops, and parents can register for programs like Ready Rosie and Imagination Library.  Childcare will be provided for parents and guardians while attending a workshop. (The schedule of workshops will be posted closer to the event.) Every family will receive a welcome bag and there will be additional door prizes and giveaways.

“The School Readiness Fair will be a wonderful opportunity for parents and guardians to learn more about what school readiness means and how they can support it,” said Sandra Drummond, Supervisor of Title I and Early Childhood Programs. “School readiness is not a one-time event; it is something that starts at the birth of a child and continues throughout the start of the child’s school career. If you are involved in the life of a young child, you have an important role to play in whether that child is ready to have a successful school experience.”

Information about the April 15-18 Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Registration Fair for the 2019-2020 school year will be available at the School Readiness Fair. While registration forms won’t be available until closer to the Registration Fair, parents and guardians will be able to pick up a list of the documents they will need to bring to registration. It will be important to be prepared with the right paperwork for the Registration Fair because this year, for the first time, Wicomico County Public Schools will be processing applications on the spot for Prekindergarten 3 Year Old and Prekindergarten 4 Year Old to determine eligibility and inform the parent if the child will have a guaranteed spot in a Prek classroom in the fall. Wicomico Schools is pleased to be able to determine Prekindergarten admission this early in the year, to better serve children, parents and guardians, and schools.