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Congratulations to the 2019 SkillsUSA Local Competition Winners

Congratulations to the students from James M. Bennett, Mardela, Parkside and Wicomico high schools who were winners in the 2019 SkillsUSA Local Competition. Good luck to those who will compete in the SkillsUSA Regional Competition on Feb. 19. After the regional contest, we’ll announce which Wicomico students are advancing to compete at the state level.



Skills USA Local Competition Winners


Automotive Technology: Ryan Lewis (Mardela), 1st; Koby Nguyen (Parkside), 2nd; Ian Childs (Parkside), 3rd

Carpentry: Brady West (Parkside), 1st; Noah White (JMB), 2nd

Collision Repair: Josh Brewington (JMB), 1st; Mackenzie Townsend (WiHi), 2nd; Raul Tello-Vasquez (WiHi), 3rd

Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD) – Architectural Drafting: Somie Shin (Parkside), 1st; Farida Jacinthe (Parkside), 2nd; Robert Duong (Parkside), 3rd

Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD) – Technical Drafting: Cole Senft (Parkside), 1st; Allyson White (JMB), 2nd; Mathew Page (Parkside), 3rd

Computer Repair and Networking: Mark Nay (WiHi), 1st; Dylan William (Mardela), 2nd; Pierrine Juste (Parkside), 3rd

Cosmetology – Hair: Jae’Den Lewis (WiHi), 1st; Kaytlen Ferruccio (WiHi), 2nd

Cosmetology – Esthetics: Brianna Parker (Mardela)/Cheyenne Causey (Parkside), 1st; Brianna Trader (JMB)/Zecorah Mazzetti (Parkside), 2nd; Alexis Webb (Mardela)/Tionna McFarlin (WiHi), 3rd

Criminal Justice: Joseph Phiefer (Mardela), 1st; Amber Cooper (Parkside), 2nd; Ty Miller (Parkside), 3rd

Early Childhood Education: Esteban Garcia-Ailon (WiHi), 1st; Jada Askins (Parkside), 2nd; Camille Waters (WiHi), 3rd

Health Occupations: Marressa Morton (WiHi), 1st; Sara Smith (JMB), 2nd; Brianna Simpson (Parkside), 3rd

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Matthew Taylor (Mardela), 1st; Luke Evans (Parkside), 2nd; Coleman Hasker (WiHi), 3rd

High Performance Manufacturing: Austin Dalfonso (Parkside), 1st; Evan Horwat (Parkside), 2nd; Destin Ames (Parkside) and Russell Griffith (JMB), 3rd

Masonry: Gary Peek (Parkside), 1st; Malaki Forman (WiHi), 2nd; Christopher Elswick (Parkside), 3rd

Medical Terminology: Alyssa Price (Mardela), 1st; Caroline Elburn (WiHi), 2nd; Jessica Greene (WiHi), 3rd

Welding: Dustin Hurley (Mardela), 1st; Clay Cox (Mardela), 2nd

Welding – Sculpture: Scott Sier (Mardela), 1st; Brenden Parsons (WiHi), 2nd