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Statement from Wicomico County Public Schools about Concerning Video

Providing a safe and welcoming school setting for our students, staff and families is our top priority, today and every day of the school year. As we deal this week with a safety concern about a student’s video, the Wicomico County Public School System assures our school system community and the community as a whole that we are taking this matter very seriously.

On Tuesday, Parkside High School administration was made aware of an extremely concerning video apparently created by a Parkside student that shows a teenager with a gun uttering a violent racist statement. The video had been shared among students, with word about it being spread through social media. Because of the content of the video many people from that school community and beyond have contacted us with questions and concerns.

Please know that this video does not in any way reflect the feelings or teachings of the student’s school or of Wicomico County Public Schools. Much like those who have contacted us about the video, we are shocked and revolted by both the language and the visual content of this video.

While we are unable to comment on an individual student due to federal privacy rules, and cannot speak on an active investigation, please know that an investigation of this video and the student involved was immediately begun by school administration and Safe Schools personnel and is ongoing. Our school system is working cooperatively with law enforcement to fully investigate this matter, which will also be handled in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

We thank those who shared their concerns about the video with the student’s school administrators so this matter could be addressed quickly. Supporting safety in our schools and our community is a priority for all of us, and It’s important for everyone to say something if they see or hear something concerning.