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WCPS Announces Eight Half-Days Amended to School Year Calendar

On the Superintendent’s recommendation on November 12, the Board of Education amended the 2021-2022 school year calendar. From November through May, one in-school instruction day each month will now be an early dismissal day.

These early dismissal days will provide teachers and school staff with much needed time for planning and other important tasks, including activities to support their physical and mental well-being, and will help ensure they are best able to meet the needs of students. 

On these days students will be dismissed 3 hours early, and grab-and-go lunches will be available at dismissal. The first two of these new early dismissal days are coming up in the next few weeks, on November 23rd and December 8th. The other dates are shown on the UPDATED 2021-2022 School Calendar Approved.

Please note one additional change to the school calendar. Based upon feedback from the first of two scheduled virtual learning days with an early dismissal, we are going to modify the planned day on Monday, April 4th by moving it to Friday, April 1st and adjusting it to be in-person learning, while maintaining the early dismissal for students. Our students will now be in school for a full school day on Monday, April 4th to begin the 4th marking term.