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Registration Open for 2021-2022 Prekindergarten 3 & 4 and Kindergarten; Registration is Online

Registration for Kindergarten and Prekindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year is now open. Wicomico County Public Schools is pleased to have its registration process all online and accessible through a home page button, on the school system’s website at, which leads to the Enrollment page.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to register children for the 2021-2022 school year as early as possible, so that families and schools can begin to plan and prepare. Prekindergarten 3-Year-Old classes are located at Beaver Run (WELC), Pemberton and Fruitland. This upcoming school year we plan to open two new Prekindergarten 3-Year-Old classrooms. One classroom will be located at Chipman Elementary and the other at West Salisbury Elementary. We encourage families in these catchment areas to apply now. (These two programs are pending a Prekindergarten Expansion Grant approval from the Maryland State Department of Education in May.)

We have exciting news: Pending approval of that same PreKindergarten Expansion Grant in May, Delmar Elementary will be our final school to transition from half-day Prekindergarten to a full-day program. Three full-day classrooms at Delmar Elementary have been proposed in this year’s grant funding.

Registration will be online for all families newly enrolling in Wicomico Schools for Prekindergarten 3 or 4, Kindergarten, or any other grade. (Students currently enrolled in Prekindergarten 3, Prekindergarten 4, or Kindergarten in Wicomico County Public Schools do not need to register, as they are already enrolled as students of Wicomico County Public Schools.)

For enrollment questions, please call 410-677-4563, or visit our website,

To register or apply, parents/guardians will need to provide the following documents:

  • a child’s birth certificate or registration of birth
  • driver’s license or picture ID of parent or legal guardian
  • child’s immunization record and current physical
  • child’s Social Security card
  • two forms of proof-of-residency documentation, in the name of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • For homeowners: Mortgage/property tax bill and one of the following: Current utility (gas, water or electric) bill with service address.
  • For those living at a rental property: Current signed lease plus one of the following: Current utility (gas, water or electric) bill with service address.
  • For those living with someone else whose name is on the home and utility bills: Bring that person and the two forms of proof of residency listed above, and driver’s license or picture ID for both of you.
  • child’s IEP/IFSP (if applicable)
  • court custody papers
  • income verification (for Prekindergarten only, including both Prek 3 Year Old and Prek 4 Year Old): 2020 Maryland tax return (if available) OR W2 AND either four most current consecutive pay stubs, or State of Maryland Benefit Eligibility Letter (if applicable)

Documentation must be submitted prior to a child’s acceptance into the Prekindergarten early learning program for Wicomico County Public Schools.



Children registering for Kindergarten must turn 5 by Sept. 1, 2021. Kindergarten is mandatory for all Maryland children who are 5 by that date unless the parents or guardians have completed a Kindergarten-Level of Maturity Waiver Form seeking later admission. For information please contact Melissa Eiler at 410-677-4563.



Prekindergarten is not mandatory for Maryland students, but provides an excellent foundation for children’s success in school. There are two Prekindergarten options in Wicomico Schools:

Prekindergarten 4 is offered at elementary schools with primary grades throughout Wicomico County to qualified children who will be 4 by Sept. 1, 2021. Currently all Prek 4 programs are full day except the one at Delmar Elementary, which is half-day pending approval in May of funding for expanding to full day as part of a Prekindergarten Expansion Grant.

Prekindergarten 3 is also offered at some Wicomico schools with primary grades, and is open to qualified children who will be 3 by Sept. 1, 2021. All Prek 3 programs are full day.

Priority Prekindergarten admission will be given to Wicomico County children and Delmar, Del. children meeting any of these criteria:

  • come from low-income, at-risk, or homeless situations
  • have prior participation in Head Start 
  • experience challenges like emergency or health problems, limited English proficiency, or other home or family circumstances
  • recommended for the program by government or court referral

Parents or guardians whose child may qualify for priority admission should plan to apply for Prekindergarten as early as possible.

Parents and guardians of children who do not meet the criteria for priority admission can put the child’s name on a Prekindergarten waiting list, and this waiting list will be used to fill any remaining slots. Documentation must be submitted prior to a child’s acceptance into the program from the waiting list.