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Small Groups of Students Begin Return to Schools

Small group instruction and services began this week in Wicomico County Public Schools. It's great to see students in the Parkside High CTE wings again, with physical distancing and mask wearing, on Wednesdays. Here's a look at instruction today with many of the students in AM CTE classes.

This week many we have welcomed back small groups of students for targeted instruction, services and activities including Special Education, math tutoring, English Language Learner support, Career and Technical Education, advanced science labs and conditioning for Fall athletics. As we serve these students we are putting into practice our new procedures for distancing, wearing PPE, and cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and other school areas. This will support the health and safety of both students and staff as we prepare to bring students back in larger numbers, starting with Prekindergarten students on October 19th.  
On October 26th we expect to bring Kindergarten students back to school, in a hybrid format to ensure physical distancing and cleaning procedures. As of now it looks like we will have one group of students that attends Monday and Tuesday, and another that attends Thursday and Friday.  
Parents and guardians have asked whether their students must return to the classroom when we begin to reopen schools, or if students can continue with virtual learning for now. Several weeks before a grade level is scheduled to return, parents and guardians of students in that grade will be contacted to select either hybrid or all virtual learning, and to commit to whether the student will use school transportation. Please respond with this information as quickly as possible, and also return the signed COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Agreement. This will help all of us plan and prepare for the school days to come.