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Important 2020 Senior Information

Senior Message from Mr. Greene - 5.5.2020

Due to the current public health restrictions prohibiting large gatherings, we are now preparing to air a virtual commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020 on the time and date when our in-person ceremony was scheduled while still giving you the opportunity to experience walking, to receive your diploma. For our school, the virtual commencement ceremony will air on Saturday May 30 at 10:00 a.m. on PAC 14.


Preparations for our virtual commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020 will include a number of important dates, including a cap and gown pickup and days when seniors will have a scheduled time to come to the school for the announcing of their name and the diploma cover walk. All of these tasks will be done while maintaining social distancing and practicing federal- and state-recommended cleaning procedures to protect the health and safety of all involved. However, please know that participation in these activities is optional. If a student or parents does not feel comfortable participating, the senior will still be included in the virtual commencement ceremony through the senior yearbook photo.


May 12: Seniors should come to the school between 9:00-11:00am.  Students should enter the parking lot off of Long Ave. and proceed to the table which will be labeled Caps and Gowns.  Jostens and other staff member will be giving seniors their cap, gown, tassel and other senior items.  Cap and gown pickup will be drive-through, with a staff member bringing the senior’s bag to the vehicle. Please have your name written on a piece of paper identifying yourself.  Staff will wear masks, and students/parents must do the same. Staff members will maintain physical distancing from all students/parents.  Once you get your cap and gown, you will be asked to return other items such as paper packets, textbooks, etc off in a bin in the parking lot.  Please bring those items with you making sure that everything is clearly labeled with your name.  Laptops will be returned at a later date.


May 20-22: Seniors will be scheduled to come to the County Stadium to walk and receive their diploma cover, pictures will be taken as they walk along the track after their name is announced with their diploma cover in hand, and get pictures taken in their cap and gown while holding their diploma cover in from of a WiHi backdrop.  All of the staff members that will be volunteering will be wearing masks and will not make any physical contact with students or family members.  Students will be assigned to report during a one-hour time slot in which they should show up to the stadium parking lot on Glen Ave. and wait to be directed to the field.  Each graduate and his/her family will be assigned a parking spot that will be numbered 1-15.  An administrator will call their number when it is their family’s turn to get out of their car and report to the entrance of the stadium (ticket booth entrance).  The graduate and family should not exit their vehicles until they are directed to do so.  Again, it is imperative that everyone understand that we are allowing no more than four parents or guardians per graduate to watch the proceeding and take pictures.  Family members will need to maintain physical distancing and wear masks when not posing for photos. 


After walking, the senior will proceed to an area down from the podium for a second photo – this photo area will be for family photos and have a backdrop for pictures to be taken by another photographer.  Families will have no more than two minutes at this station, and we will use a timer to ensure that everyone respects the time limit so that we are able to give all seniors the same time and attention over the three days. The student and parents will then return to their vehicle and leave the school grounds so that the volunteer staff and SROs can continue to safely serve additional seniors.


More specific information will be provided about this process and your student’s assigned day as we get closer to the week of the 20th.


Even though we are capturing graduation-style photos the week of the 20th, please remember that our seniors are not finished until Friday, May 22. Please make sure your senior stays engaged in learning.  Diplomas will be mailed home at a later date.


We will contact students and families with revised instructions if weather on any of these days causes a change in plans.


  • Diplomas will be mailed at a later date, along with copies of the commencement program and any other senior awards or paperwork.
  • Photos taken by our photographers at the diploma cover event will be available online for students and parents to download, free of charge.
  • The virtual commencement ceremony will air on PAC 14 at the original commencement time and at other times in the days after. The virtual commencement ceremony will also be posted to the YouTube channels of both Wicomico Public Schools and PAC 14. Anyone wishing to do so will be able to download the video from YouTube.


I truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we have worked very hard behind the scenes to come up with a plan that celebrates our seniors but does so in a way that maintains everyone’s safety and respects state and federal guidelines.  I look forward to seeing our seniors as they participate in this ceremony and sending them off to the next chapter of their lives. 



Senior Message from Mr. Greene - 4.29.2020

Good evening Seniors families, this is Mr. Greene with some important information and updates.

I first want to say that you are currently living through an unprecedented and trying time in history.  Unfortunately, due to our current situation there must be changes, not just to our daily lives, but to the way that we as a school conduct our business. I can’t tell you all how disappointed and upset I am that you all are not being able to spend the last few months of your final year of school the way it’s supposed to be spent.  With that said we are going to try to make the best of it and are in the planning stages of some type of graduation presentation, as well as, working on other things to recognize you all and celebrate your Senior year.

With that said here is what I can know and want to share:

  • Seniors need to work hard to get a “Pass” for the 4th term.  Even if students did not do well in the other terms now is the time to get that “Pass.”
  • Cap and Gown distribution will take place at the school on May 12th from 9-11 am.  During this time, we will also be handing out pre-ordered Senior T-shirts to those who purchased one before schools closed.
  • Our guidance department is currently doing a Senior Showcase on their Facebook page.  Please take a moment and send your photo and a brief summary of your future plans to Mrs. Rhodes.  Those who send in a photo and details about future plans could earn a free T-shirt.
  • We will be getting yard signs for our seniors which will be given to them at some point to display at their home.  These will be free of charge.
  • We are also ordering Senior shirts for all seniors as a gift, so if you haven’t already done so please take the survey through your teachers Google classroom or send your size to Ms. Crissman @ or Ms. Scott @ .
  • Due to the current plan and schools being closed until at least May 15th, Prom and Senior Trip have been canceled.

As we get closer to the last day of school for seniors it is extremely important that you check your student e-mail account, the school website and all the social media platforms for more important information that we be coming out concerning Seniors. 

Finally, I hope our seniors know that we want to make things as special as possible for them in order to recognize all of their hard work that has gotten them to graduation.  The key will be to pay tribute to them while following safety guidelines.  Keeping students safe is a top priority and this is true whether we are inside the school building or while we are out for a school closure. 

Thank you and have a nice evening!