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Digital Learning

We have very important information to share with you regarding both digital learning assignments and paper packet distribution for those students who cannot work digitally. Please review the following information very carefully.

If you have internet connection and a device to work on, you will have access to online materials as of Monday, 4/6. Click here to access materials:  Some of our teachers are using Google Classroom to post their assignments for students. If your teacher creates a Google Classroom, they will send the student a code to use to join their class. PLEASE keep in mind that students MUST use their school email account to log into Google Classroom. Attached to this message is an online student tutorial for connecting to a Google Classroom if your student has not already done this.  

If you DO NOT have a device such as laptop to work and/or you DO NOT have access to the internet and cannot complete work digitally, you will need to plan to pick up paper packets with assignments that will need to be completed and sent back to the teacher electronically (options will be explained in the packet). ONLY FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU DO NOT have internet access and a device to work on. Paper packets will be distributed two different days and times next week. The first distribution will occur on Monday, 4/6 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. The second distribution will occur on Tuesday, 4/7 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Parents should use the student drop off and pick up parking lot off of long ave.  We will have 4 tables set up in the parking lot, one for each grade level. These tables will be spread out with large signs. Stop your car by the grade level table where you need to pick up a packet. Do not get out of your car. At this point a staff member will bring a packet to you, wearing gloves, and will hand it to you through your car window. We then ask that you take the packet and move forward so we can keep the line moving and operate as safely as possible. We apologize but we cannot have lengthy conversations with families or answer multiple questions to ensure that the line progresses quickly and we are operating as safely as we possibly can for everyone involved. If you do not have transportation and are in walking distance, you may walk to the site and pick up paper packets. We will have cones that indicate where you should stand near the grade level table to wait for someone to hand you a packet. We again ask that once you’ve received your packet you move on to continue the social distancing practices that have been recommended during this time. There will be a cover sheet on each paper packet that gives you options for how to return the completed assignments to your student’s teacher.

Parents- Please ensure that you are only picking up a paper packet if you indicated that your student cannot connect to internet and work digitally on a device like a laptop or iPad. We only have limited copies of the paper packets designated for those students who indicated they need it. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation during this time! We will continue to communicate with you regularly as necessary. Your teachers are ready and willing to assist with supporting your student’s continued learning during this time.

Thank you,

Ken Popp, Assistant Principal