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Student Learning Survey - by 11/24/2020


Student learning survey
During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wicomico County Public Schools is engaging students in virtual learning through the end of the first semester (Jan. 29, 2021). The school system has also put into effect a Return to School Action Plan to begin bringing many students into school buildings even sooner, in a hybrid model with physical distancing and other health and safety precautions. As plans are made for each grade level to return, schools will ask parents/guardians to select either hybrid or virtual learning for each student in their family. The link to the survey is:
Thank you for taking the time to promptly complete this Student Learning Survey so our school can plan how to serve all of our students, including yours. This survey will let us know your responses to some key questions about student learning. Please review the questions carefully and provide your responses no later than Tuesday, Nov. 24th.
You will fill out the survey separately for each child you have in our school. The selections you make will be in effect for Semester Two, which begins Feb. 2.
Please note that if you have not completed this survey for your student by Nov. 24th, the student will automatically continue with virtual learning for both Semester One and Semester Two; Hybrid learning will no longer be an option.
• You will log in using your student’s school email address. (student - and your student’s password that they use to log in to Google Classroom. (Tip: I would suggest that you have your child sit with you when you log in, as they can easily recite their login and password information). When logging in please make sure you select the top link as shown in the above image.
• You need to fill out the survey separately for each child that you have in our school.
• It will also ask that you select any children that you have attending an elementary school so that I can coordinate the schedule with your child’s elementary principal in an effort to keep your children on the same schedule.
• If you have not completed the survey for your student(s) by November 24, your student(s) will automatically continue with virtual learning for both semesters.
• At the end of the survey, it will ask that you complete the Parent COVID agreement. (Students will not be permitted into the building without completing this agreement). Thank you for doing so!
This Parent/Guardian Student Learning Survey is only for middle and high school students; the parents/guardians of elementary students and all students of Pittsville Elementary and Middle should contact their school with any questions about the Return to School Plan.