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Parent Link 9/19

Good evening families, this is Mr. Dunn with several announcements. This message will be sent via email in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole at the conclusion of this call. We had an outstanding second week of school last week! Below, I have summarized several important announcements.


  • This week students will begin taking early fall assessments called Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) so we can gather data to inform our instruction each day.  
  • Storm Water Project Update - We are looking at possibly transitioning the car rider circle to the fenced in area at the end of this week or beginning of next week depending on weather and other variables. I will send a message home to parents when this is confirmed. Our campus parking is limited. Please pardon our mess as we work through this upgrade. In short, our car rider’s drop off and the walker's entrance will continue to be in the front parking lot, NOT in the fenced in area. It is imperative that when dropping your students off or picking up that you pull around the entire loop to the far cone so we do not have a traffic jam on Morris Street. Our bus circle will remain on the side of the building off East road. 
  • Masks are required for ALL students. We do not allow gaiters, scarves or bandanas as masks. Please ensure that your student’s mask covers his or her mouth and nose.
  • Cell Phones should remain in your child’s book bag the entire day, but they are allowed in the cafeteria at lunch time. Cell phones will not be used for instructional purposes as each child will be issued a laptop. 
  • We do not allow families to bring in outside lunches at lunch time due to multiple concerns. For clarity, Outside lunches are hot lunches that are brought into the school at your child’s lunch time. As a reminder, all students get free lunch and breakfast this school year.   
  • Due to covid and the importance of controlling our safety variables, we are not allowing parents into the building. When parents are dropping students off that may be tardy, the parent DOES NOT need to walk the child into the building and sign them in. We have adults that will provide your child with a pass and check them in. 
  • If your child is going to be absent from school, please send in a doctor and other excuse notes so we can excuse the absence. Our goal is to strive for less than 5 unexcused absences otherwise the child will fail the marking term. 
  • Parents, if your child is displaying covid symptoms, please DO NOT send them to school. Please do your part to minimize the spread of covid 19 in our school building where safety and learning is our priority. 
  • Laptops - Please encourage your child to charge his/her laptop each night so students are ready to learn upon arrival to school. We have very few charging stations so this is important in getting your child prepared for school each day.  
  • We have started with our Joe Corbi’s fall fundraiser! Please assist our school in raising funds for afterschool clubs and other special programs for our students. Each child was provided with a catalog to sell items to family and friends.    
  • Parents please click the link below to provide information about your child’s vaccination status. If completed, this will help the nurse in situations where timelines for quarantine relating to exposure to a positive COVID-19 case may be needed. 
  • Salisbury Middle Questionnaire


We look forward to seeing your child at school this week, it is going to be a great school year. Thank you for your continued support.