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Parent Message 6-1

Good morning Clipper families, this is Principal Savage with your weekly message. 

Our seniors are officially graduated, and we are so proud of them!  If you missed the graduation ceremony and are interesting in checking it out, you can find the link on our Facebook page.

At this point students should be working on their last round of work which is due by the 12th.  The 12th also marks the students last day of school. 

The deadline to order a yearbook is today.  If you would like to order a yearbook go to and select James M. Bennett High School.  We believe that our yearbooks are in the printing process and once we have a delivery date, we will provide more information about picking up your yearbook.

On Monday the 8th from 3-5 we ask that 10th graders and 11th graders bring any school items and drop them off in the A-wing parking lot.  At the same time if you have any valuable items that you left in the building that need to be retrieved, we can have those available for you in our front parking lot.   We will repeat this same process on Tuesday the 9th for 9th graders from 9-11 with the dropping off of items in the A-wing parking lot and pick up of items in the front parking lot.

When you return items, we ask that you put the items in a bag and attach the students name.  Then when you enter the A-wing parking lot we will have several locations where you can drop off the items.

If you need items retrieved from the building, please complete the link provided as soon as possible but no later than Friday at noon.

Lunch money balances:

  1.  Any funds on a student’s account will roll over to next year.
  2. If a student will no longer be a WCPS student next year, there are two options:
    1. Any remaining funds can be transferred to another students account.
    2. A refund can be requested if the student is not returning.

Please use the attached form to request a transfer or a refund and send to the email provided in the message.  Acct Bal Transf & Refund.pdf 

We have a just a short time left but in the meantime continue to check out our Facebook page to stay up to date.

Thank you everyone and have a great week.