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Senior Message 5-15

Good evening Clipper seniors and Clipper parents.  This is Principal Savage with a special message.

We are just 15 days away from the James M. Bennett High School 2020 graduation.  However, there is a lot to accomplish prior to graduation airing on PAC14 and YouTube on May 30th at 2:30.  Monday the traditional student speeches that take place during graduation will be recorded and then on Tuesday we start the diploma walks that will run through Friday.

Over the course of this week we were given the approval to adjust those who could accompany the students from 4 parents to 4 family members.  I have also heard that many students would like to decorate their caps.  Because of the honor and dignity associate with graduation we want to continue to keep the classy graduation photo for the graduation ceremony that will air on the 30th.  However, I think that if students or parents would like to make a sign to cheer on their student as they do their diploma walk at the Shipyard that would be acceptable.  In fact, we encourage you to cheer on your senior as their name is announced and as they complete the diploma walk.  I would also encourage that after the diploma walks are over that maybe seniors decorate their caps and get dressed in their gap and gown as they watch the official ceremony on the 30th.  That would be a good time to capture those decorated caps and share them on social media.  However, let’s keep those caps class, JMB!

When you come to complete the diploma walk, bring any items that remain at home that need to be returned to the school including your laptop if you barrowed one.  As you enter the auditorium parking lot you will be directed by staff and our school deputies to a parking space.  Any items you have to return will be collected at that time.  Please remain in your car until staff direct your family to the entrance to the Shipyard.  Staff will be on hand to keep things flowing throughout the experience.  Once inside the Shipyard you will move through stations with only one family at each station to ensure social distancing.  Again, bring your signs and loud voices to cheer on your senior!

After the diploma walk, we will have a family photo station set up to take a picture of your family.  These photos will be made available to you later at no cost.  Then as you exit the stadium, if your student submitted a picture for the yearbook, you will be able to take their yard sign with you.  The yard signs are curtesy of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and they look great.  The senior officers had their hands in it as well as they picked from two samples that were provided.    

Just a few other reminders

  • Please make sure if you are taking an EHS class that you complete your work for that class.  We will have to verify that you have passed that class before we can allow you to walk.
  • The weather could be rainy or hot so you might need umbrellas or sunscreen.
  • Please be flexible it we have weather issues.  We are working on back up plans thanks to some very helpful parents.
  • Get the wrinkles out of those gowns as we have already stated we want you to look dignified.  You need to either break out the iron or hang it up in the bathroom…starting now so that the steam from a shower can help work out the wrinkles.
  • Make sure you bring your cords for the walk.  We will also have those that haven’t been handout ready for you to pick up.  Cords should only be worn for honor societies.  We are still waiting on a few cords to arrive through the mail.  If for some reason you don’t have all your cords when your diploma walk time arrives, we would be happy to reschedule you.  However, fingers crossed they get her on time.

I know that for a lot of you and for a lot of students this graduation is not what you imagined.  I have to say I appreciate the way many of you are approaching this as you look for ways to honor this year’s seniors.  I have seen through social media some of the great things that you have planned to make the best of this for your senior.  Thank you for everything you are doing for them in this unusual time. 

There are a few resources attached to the email and Mr. Lewis will be reaching out to seniors in case they have valuable item within the school that will need to be retrieved.  More information on that will be coming. 

I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.  Again, bring those signs and loud voices.

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