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Senior Message 5-10

Good evening SENIOR Clippers.  This is Principal Savage with a special message just for you. 

Tomorrow is the first step toward the 2020 commencement with the cap and gown distribution at the school in the auditorium parking lot from 3-5. 


Reminders and Procedures for Cap and Gown distribution are as follows:

  • Once you enter the auditorium parking lot, you will proceed to the A-wing exit.  At the A-wing exit you will be able to drop any items belonging to the school.  This could include library books, calculators, uniforms, instruments, textbooks, etc.  This does not include your laptop, which will be collected at a different time, or any instruction aids you may still need.  For example, if you are taking an AP exam and need your textbook.  Hold onto it and we will collect it at another time.   
  • Please put any items you are returning in a bag with you name attached to the bag.  We will have bags on hand, if needed but if you can have this done ahead of time, it should help to keep the line moving.  Someone from inside the car will need to place the items for return in a box or on a cart at the A-wing exit. 
  • As you move through the line if you have completed paper packets and have not had an chance to send pictures, you will be able to drop them off to ensure you get your pass for the work you’ve completed.
  • As you approach the cap and gown area which will be located by the auditorium entrance, everyone should remain in their vehicles and staff will bring the items to the vehicle.  Jostens has done this several times and shared with us that as you approached the distribution area if you could hold up a sign with your last name, it speeds up the process.  Please remember that gap and gown purchases must be paid in full prior to pick up.  If you need to order or pay, please use the link in the email portion of the message.
  • All honor cords that have arrived will be with your cap and gown.  Any remaining cords will be given to you on the day of your diploma walk.
  • Once you get your cap and gown you will then exit the auditorium parking lot.
  • Staff will wear masks, and students/parents should do the same.
  • Please keep in mind that this is not something we have done before and neither have any of the other cars that will be in line with you.  Let’s be kind to one another as we create new ways to distribute cap and gowns, as well as collect items from students.


Students and parents, it is important to note that along with your cap and gown you will receive your assigned time and date for the diploma walk photo opportunity.  You will also receive information about this process as well as a senior bulletin with the dates for the remainder of your school year. 


The virtual graduation preparations really get underway the week of May 18th as seniors will be scheduled to come to the school’s Shipyard Stadium in small groups per assigned hour for the diploma cover walk and graduation photo.  School staff members who have volunteered and school resource officers will be on hand to guide students and family members through the process. These adults will be masked throughout the event and will not make physical contact with students or family members.


Each student will be allowed up to four parents or guardians to accompany them during the diploma cover walk and for a family photo opportunity.  The four parents or guardians does not include siblings or other relatives.  Additional family members are welcome to join you later (off school grounds) to help celebrate you senior.  All parents and guardians should wear a mask.


Even though we will be capturing graduation-style photos the week of the 18th, please remember that our seniors are not finished until Friday, May 22nd. Please make sure your senior stays engaged until the last day.  Diplomas will be mailed home at a later date.


As you get ready for these various senior events and while you complete your last rounds of work, please also remember the following and check Facebook for a continued ongoing list of reminders and events.

  • Traditionally, a senior slideshow to guess the baby photo with a current senior is shared at the Junior Senior Banquet. Since we could not hold that event, we would still like to create and share a “From Then to Now”  slide show on social media. If you would like to share any photos of your student as a baby and now—please email them to so we can put them in this presentation.
  • Graduation signs are in the printing process.  We hope to have them to display for the diploma walk. 
  • Prom was originally schedule for this upcoming weekend.  The senior class advisors will be working with the senior class officers to see what ways we can virtually celebrate.
  • Please make sure that if you have received any honors, awards, scholarship or money from a college that you share that with your guidance counselor.   

I hope you have a good rest of your evening and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Senior Bulleting 2.docx