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Senior High All-Shore Band.

On Saturday, January 25th; 24 of JMB’s best instrumental musicians traveled to Mardela High School to audition for the Senior High All-Shore Band.

Mr. Miles is extremely proud to announce that seventeen JMB Bandsmen successfully auditioned into this year’s Honor’s Band of the Eastern Shore.  Their names are:


10     Hannah Kim                 Flute, 3rd chair

12     Abbey Loar                  Clarinet, 3rd chair

  9     Ellie Long                    Alto Saxophone, 1st chair

11     Noah Hornstein           Alto Saxophone, 2nd chair

11     David Choi                   Alto Saxophone, 4th chair

10     Logan Beebe                Trumpet, 2nd chair

  9     Kara Lewis                   Trumpet, 5th chair

11     Landon Stauffer           Trumpet, 6th chair

12     Elliana Miller               Trumpet, 12th chair

11     Simon Lewis                French Horn, 5th chair

11     Ben Canada                  Trombone, 1st chair

10     Ryan Selser                  Trombone, 5th chair

10     Stephen Shockley        Trombone, 7th chair

10     Yamna Essahki            Baritone, 3rd chair                           

  9     Jordan Price                 Tuba, 3rd chair

10     Seth Morris                  Snare, 1st chair

11     Jenny Chen                  Mallets, 1st chair



Mr. Miles wants to thank all 24 musicians for their hard work and dedication in preparing for this audition.  Congratulations to the seventeen new members of the 2020 Senior All-Shore Band.