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Parent Message 11-24

Good evening Clippers.  This is Principal Savage with your weekly message.


This is a short week as we get ready for Thanksgiving Break.  This parent message is for this week and the week return.  In other words, this is the last parent message for November and the next message will be on December 8th.  It’s hard to believe that December is just around the corner.


Our hallways looked better toward the end of this week as a result of some students receiving consequences that removed them from the school for a few days.  We are committed to keeping our building safe and students who remain in the hallway during class time are a concern to our safety and as a result they could face consequences. 


Just a few things you can help with:

  • If your child has travel in the morning they should not be on campus until they are scheduled to be in a class. 
  • If your child has travel at the end of the day, they need to leave the building after their last class. 
  • If you get the parent message letting you know that your student continues to be in the hallway when not permitted, please follow up with your student and encourage them to attend every class. 
  • And lastly, students need to be in first period by 7:45.


Parent support is greatly appreciated as we know it is a team effort.


Just a reminder that winter sports scrimmages are not open to the public.  Our first home game is the week we return.  We will be making some adjustments to the structure of our games in order to help ensure our players and fans have a positive experience.  If you or friends and family are planning to attend any sporting event here at JMB we are committed to appropriate cheering as we model what we want to see in our students. We will ask that fans respect the game by letting the players play, the coaches coach, and the officials officiate the game.  Fans should refrain from the use of foul or negative language, aggressive behavior or throwing objects during the gym.  Food and drinks are not allowed in the gym at any time.  Any fans, that do not comply to our code of conduct will be asked to leave.    


Class of 2020 T-Shirt order forms were passed out in English 12 Classes and are due back by December 4th. If a senior does not have English here there are extra forms in the main office, at the school store and attached to the email. Parents can buy a shirt for $10 each payable to James M. Bennett with a completed order form.


Class of 2023 is still in need of holiday cards and candy canes for their Holiday gram fundraiser. Please send all donations to school by Wednesday December 4th.


Because there will be a long span between messages be sure to check out our bulletin and Facebook for all the upcoming activities and events now through the first week of December.    


As we get ready for Thanksgiving Break and I reflect on the first few months of school, I have to say that I am thankful for being allowed the opportunity to be the Principal at JMB.  I feel fortunate and I am very happy to be here. 


Thank you and I hope you have a great break and enjoy your friends and family.   

Scheduled Events 11-25 through 12-7.docx 

Senior Tshirt Form.pdf