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Parent Message 11-17

Good evening Clippers.  This is Principal Savage with your weekly message.


As the 2nd term gets underway, JMB staff and admin remain committed to making our school a safe place focused on learning.  We consider students who continue to be in the hallway during instruction time a safety issue and as a result, consequences will be given according to the code of conduct. 


A few things that you can do as a parent or guardian to help:


If your child has travel in the morning they should not be on campus until they are scheduled to be in a class. 


If your child has travel at the end of the day, they need to leave the building.  Students who have travel are not permitted to wait around for the bus as part of the agreement for upper classman to have travel includes students not being on campus during their travel period(s).  If transportation becomes an issue, then student need to be scheduled for a study hall. 


For students who continue to be in the hallway their names are collected, and a special parent message is done to communicate our concern about your student being in the hallway.  We ask that you follow up with your student and encourage them that attendance in every class matters. 


Lastly, I know that getting into the parking lot and dropping off your student can be congested.  However, if you drive your student to school in the morning, please try to get them to the building several minutes prior to 7:45 as students should be seated in their first period class by 7:45.


Parent support is greatly appreciated as we know it is a team effort.



Some groups and clubs are in the mist of their drives or fundraisers. 

The National Honor Society is conducting a pajama drive through December 3rd.  See attached flyer for more information as it relates to this great cause. 


The Freshman class, with the help of their advisors; Mrs. Dorey Webster and Mrs. Schuchart, will be doing a holiday gram fundraiser.  In order to have a successfully fundraiser the freshman class needs holiday cards and boxes of candy canes.  Donations of these items are needed by Wednesday, December 4th.   


Winter sports tryouts have official begun.  Just a reminder that winter sports scrimmages are not open to the public.  Once regular season games begin the doors will be open for the public to attend.  We are also committed to appropriate adult cheering as we model what we want to see in our students.


Be sure to check out our bulletin and Facebook for all the upcoming activities and events this week. 


Just a reminder that though safety is our priority, please know that you are welcome to visit your student at school at any time.  Visitors are welcome throughout the school year.  Visitors must be on the student’s contact information in the computer and they must be over 21.  All visitors must check in with the office through our automated system and you must have a valid ID.


I know that students and staff are looking forward to this last full week before Thanksgiving Break.


Thank you and have a great evening.

Scheduled Events 11-18.pdf 

Pajama Drive.pdf