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9-8 Weekly Message

Good evening JMB families.  This is Principal Savage with your weekly message.

Despite our first week being disrupted by a concern to our school safety, our students and staff did not miss a beat.  They took on the first week of school with enthusiasm and passion for JMB.  The heart of the students and staff is truly amazing and I appreciate all their efforts and energy last week.

As we get ready to head into week two just a few key reminders to help everyone have a successful school year. 

  1. If you are dropping off a student in the morning….come early!  There is a lot of traffic and it takes a while to get everyone through the parking lot.  Students need to be in class by 7:45. On Friday there were a lot of students who were still getting marked late.  We usually give students about two weeks to get the morning routine down but then those late arrivals will start counting.  For the fourth lateness and beyond students will receive a referral and admin will assign a consequence based on the code of conduct.     
  2. Please make sure to submit your application to receive free or reduced lunch online by visiting 
  3. We have a much larger 9th grade class than was anticipated for the start of this school year.  As a result, some of our classes are also large than we anticipated.  Last week we started to work on making some adjustments to our overall schedule to help reduce some classes sizes.  We will be continuing that process through this coming week.  This could result in a schedule adjustment for your child as we combine some classes and move others.  We apologize for the inconvenience for you and your student but please understand that the goal is to enhance the overall instruction for your student if we can reduce some class sizes.
  4. We have about 90 students who are already close to reaching their 5 days of unexcused absences which would mean they fail the term unless they make up lost instructional time.  Please make sure you get notes turned in for your student.  Five parent notes will be permitted, and the remainder need to be doctor’s notes.  Attached to the email is the attendance reminders for students and parents.
  5. Administration has seen an improvement in the hallways as compared to last year.  We will continue to be in the hallways monitoring and encouraging students to be in class every period.  Just a reminder that us being in the hallways may slow down our response time to phone calls and emails.  We encourage you to reach out to teachers and guidance if you have general questions.  However, if you need admin don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email.

The list of school events going on each day is expanding quickly.  Encourage your child to take advantage of everything the school has to offer.  To see all opportunities this week, check out the attached bulletin.

Again, I continue to be impressed with the HEART of this school.  I believe that it is time for JMB to shine brighter than it ever has. 

If you have any questions, concern or ideas don’t hesitate to send an email or give us a call.

Thank you and have a great evening.


Scheduled Events 9-9.docx