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Back to School Reminders

Good Evening Parents and Students this is Principal Savage with a special message.  The focus of this message includes some key reminder to help us have a successful year here at JMB.  Over the course of this last week the admin and staff have worked together to prepare for a great year.  Below are some of the key elements to our success for this school year. 

  1. Please be kind to those you encounter.  We have over 1800 bodies moving through the building when you add up staff, students and visitors.  That means there can be a lot of traffic.  If you came to the back to school event to get your schedule you may have stood in line for a while or you may have had trouble finding space to stand during our PTSA meeting.  The larger the number sometime the slower things move.  It is our focus to respond to your needs and questions, but it may take a little time to work our magic.  In the business of the day, kindness can go a long way.  We ask that everyone who enters the building show kindness and curtesy to one another.  We are the model for our students so let’s greet one another, let’s hold the door for others and let’s say, “Thank you.”  Our front office staff is our first line of defense for the safety of the building as well as being responsible for answering all our questions.  If you enter the office and it is busy, please be patient as they work to respond to your questions.


  1. If your child received their schedule and needs a schedule change, please review the information attached to the email that will expedite the schedule change process.  All students will receive a copy of their schedule on their first day, in their first period class.


  1. There is a new county attendance policy.  The focus of the policy is to ensure that students are in school.  Attached to the email portion is a document that highlights what students and parents need to know.  The new policy outlines that if a student receives 5 unexcused days during a term and does not make up the lost instruction time, they could receive failing grades.


  1. Staff and students shared that last year here at JMB there were lot of students out in the hallway during class time.  The JMB admin team is dedicated to helping ensure a safe school by being present in the hallway.  Being more present in the hallways might mean it takes us a little longer to respond to our phone calls and emails.  We ask that when possible you communicate with teachers, guidance and our office staff if you have general questions.  If you need to speak with administration, we will be sure to contact you but wanted you to be aware that it may take us a little longer to respond. 


  1. As students get ready to head out the door next week, please monitor their attire.  We want to reflect a positive engaging atmosphere by showing up to school dressed appropriately.  That means no head coverings, no crop tops, no sagging pants and nothing cut two low or too short.  Student not dressed appropriate will be asked to change or provided an alternative location for instruction.


  1. Outside beverages and food are not permitted to be consumed upon entering the building.  Students will be asked to discard coffee, drinks or food upon their arrive in the morning. 


I believe in our community and in the students here at JMB.  Working together is the key to helping everyone be successful.

I look forward to JMB being a school that reflects respect, responsibility and readiness to learn.  It is time for JMB to shine.

Thank you and have a great weekend.


2020 Schedule Change Process.docx 

Attendance Information