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It's Report Card Time!

Good Evening Clipper Families,

Tomorrow, 11/9, your students will receive their report cards for term 1.  Please ask your student to view the report card and discuss the positives and areas needing improvements.  At JMB we want our students to do these three things:  come to school/class on time,  give their best effort in class by being an active learner and complete the work to the best of their ability, and be a positive student that helps build our community.  JMB offers tutoring.  Please click this link for the schedule. JMB 2018 Tutoring Schedule.docx   We will also be starting our Step Up Program on Monday, November 12th and information on this program will also be listed via message on your child's report card. 

Senior parents, if you have any questions related to your child's graduation status after looking at his or her report card, please contact our guidance counselors:

A-D  Ms. Brown
E-K  Mr. Mitchell
L-R  Mrs. Straw
S-Z  Mrs. Boyd

Please remember that our doors are always open at JMB and you can come and visit or shadow your child anytime if you notice that they're having issues.