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Curbing Cellphone Use

Dear Clipper families,

As we are entering the 2022-23 school year, I wanted to take time on behalf of the faculty and staff of James M. Bennett High School with a request to please help us in curbing student cell phone use during the school day.

Without question, the number one distraction and barrier to a majority of our students’ learning and success is an increased need to be connected to their cell phones at all times. It has become an epidemic of its own, and we need your help in solving the problem. Cell phones have become a necessity in our adult world, and our adolescents are no different. We all depend on our cell phones for reminders, information, and assurance that our loved ones are safe. Our phones hold our photos, favorite apps and games, and more. They are as essential to our daily lives as house keys at this point. As adults, we can navigate and disengage when appropriate – professional meetings, family meals, etc. However, our students struggle with the ability to satisfactorily disengage from their devices. Beyond the obvious component of decreased learning, while distracted by a cell phone, student cell phone use leads to increased disrespect in the classroom – ignoring a teacher in favor of music/streaming a show/social media is in itself disrespectful, let alone the struggle that comes with reminding a student to put a device away and focus on work. Earbuds allow a student to leave their phone in their bag or pocket yet still connect them to the content their phone is playing out of sight. Students miss out on meaningful connections with peers because they are constantly texting or surfing social media. They plan time to meet in the restrooms and miss valuable class time. Access to social media continues to be the most frequent temptation for unkind and detrimental social choices.

Attached to this email, you will find two documents – one specific to iPhone users and the other specific to Android users. The documents contain directions on how to restrict apps during the school day and limit communication to essential contacts only.

I completely understand the need to be able to contact your child at any time, given the national concerns related to school safety and other factors. I ask you to help us at JMB maintain an environment that is safe and dedicated to learning and consider limiting your student’s cell phone use during the school day. Your child(ren) may disagree, but your child(ren)’s teachers and staff will forever be grateful.

Thank you for helping us to reach our mission To create a safe and supportive educational environment that fosters the development of literate learners, innovative things, and problem-solvers and to make James M. Bennett High School the very best place for students to spend their days!

Thank you,

Principal Savage

android restriction directions.docx 

iphone restriction directions.docx 

ADM_TEC_PR_002 Acceptable Use of Technology PROCEDURE with Password Appendix 2023.pdf