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Parent Message 1-9

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How is tomorrow going to be the 10th of January already and we have only had one day of school so far. The weather has really played a trick on us. When we did have school last Thursday, we had a lot of students absent. As we approach the next few weeks, if you have to be out because you have COVID-like symptoms or have tested positive, please let the school know, so we can get your attendance marked excused.


Just a reminder that this term ends on January 28th. If you haven't done so already, now is a great time to review grades with your students. All students need to pass this term, but it is extremely important for our seniors. Failing this quarter could mean that some of our seniors will not graduate in May. We want to see everyone crossing that stage, so please encourage students to be actively passing their classes.


Though we had just one day last week, on that day, students did a great job of removing hats, hoods, and one earbud. Just a continued reminder that as students enter the building, they are expected to remove hats, hoods and ensure they can hear us by removing at least one earbud. Students who do not comply could receive consequences per the code of conduct.


Principal Savage


For the full message check out From the Helm: