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Parent Message 11-21

From the Helm:

I think our student body did a great job on Friday sending our boys' soccer team off to the state playoffs, and it was so exciting to see them play and win on Friday night.  The joy and excitement were contagious. If you know any of the players, be sure to congratulate them. In fact, if you know any of our students who participated in fall sports be sure to commend them on being student-athletes and finishing the season. Though it takes balance and focus, students who get involved in school activities often enjoy their school experience and do better academically. Since going virtual in March of 2020, student participation in after-school clubs and sports is down. We want to see students return to these great opportunities. Please encourage your students to get involved and listen to the announcements each day a clubs share out their meeting locations. 

As we return tomorrow, we only have two days before Thanksgiving Break, and just a reminder, Tuesday is a three-hour early dismissal for students. Please be sure to check out the schedule below. Students will attend school from 7:45 to 11:45.

There seems to be some confusion over the term excused absence. When a student is absent from school, and it is coded as excused, it means they had a valid reason for being out. The term excused does not mean the student is excused for their classroom work. When your student is absent from school, encourage them to check their google classrooms for make-up work. Teachers are working diligently to keep google classrooms update, but many are not seeing students take advantage of this new way to complete work when out. When students are absent for an extended period of time, possibly because of being as a close contact or testing positive for COVID, they still need to complete their classwork, and google classroom is there to help ensure they get their make-up work. 

Principal Savage

From the Helm: