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Parent Message 11-14

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As we enter a new week, we cannot downplay the seriousness of the actions of some students during this past week. I appreciate the assistance of law enforcement and their quick action when a true threat existed on Tuesday, and their support as we worked to determine if there were any credible rumors on the following days. I appreciate everyone including staff, students and parents, who reached out with information on rumors being shared on social media, allowing us to assess the statements that were made. I appreciate the additional support staff that came to monitor hallways, allowing administration and law enforcement to focus on investigating the reported rumors. As we start a new school week tomorrow, we will again have additional staff and law enforcement on hand to support smooth, safe operations.


Just as a reminder It is important that students continue to share concerns with administration. However, students should never post or re-post information that is second hand, or of a threatening nature to a school, staff member or student. Students may consider such postings to be harmless, yet these types of actions could result in confusion. Any known threat should be reported immediately to school staff but never repeated or shared on social media. Students or parents who see something of concern should say something. Please remind your student that social media can be a powerful tool when utilized appropriately.


Principal Savage


For all complete message check out From the Helm: