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Parent Message 11/10/21 #2

Good evening, JMB families. A couple of final thoughts tonight as we get ready for another school day. As a result of the serious incident that occurred Tuesday, students and parents are now sharing rumors from social media with school staff. These rumors cause concern, but please keep in mind that they are unverified. James M. Bennett High School and Wicomico County Public Schools take all potential threat rumors seriously, and we will continue to investigate each concern, in cooperation with law enforcement. That was the case with the initial matter that was shared with us on Tuesday, and that matter is being addressed through our county Code of Conduct, administrative procedures and law enforcement.

To their credit, our students have handled themselves in a very mature manner this week and have supported a safe school climate by reporting rumors and concerns to staff. It is important that students continue to do so. Please remind your student that in their own use of social media they should never post or re-post information that may be inaccurate in nature, or of a threatening nature to a school, staff member or student. Students may consider such posting to be harmless, yet these types of actions could result in criminal consequences. Any known threat should be reported immediately to school staff but never repeated or shared on social media. Students or parents who see something of concern should say something.  

We assure you that we will continue to do everything possible to follow up on reports of concerns and to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff. We appreciate your support in reinforcing this message at home. Thank you, have a good evening.