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Weekly Message 10-10

From the Helm -

I had a chance this week to review progress reports, and I am proud of what I am seeing in our students here at JMB. If you have not checked your student's grades, now is the time to do so. We are only 19 days away from the end of the first term.

Just a reminder, Wednesday the 13th will be a delayed opening for students who are not taking the PSAT/SAT.

The staff at JMB, are dedicated to helping ensure a bright future for every student who attends our school. To make this happen, we are also dedicated to ensuring a safe school environment for both students and staff. While the majority of students are off to a great start this school year, we do have some who are making poor choices. Please encourage your student to attend every class on time and be ready to learn.

As our county continues to be at “high” risk for the transmission of COVID-19, it is important to remember that all individuals entering JMB must wear a mask and wear it properly. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and in school. Please do your part and wear your mask and wear it correctly.

From the Helm -