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Weekly Message 9-12

We had a great back-to-school week and are looking forward to a great school year. Just a few reminders starting with getting to school on time. Students should be in their first period and seated by 7:45. Any student arriving after 7:45 will be marked late to school. Students not eating breakfast provided by our cafeteria need to consume their breakfast before entering school. Students will be asked to discard outside drinks when entering the building. Second, students should come dress appropriately for school. This means wearing a mask, no hats or hoods, and no shirts showing the mid-drift. Students not appropriately dressed for school will be asked to make the necessary adjustments.



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Last year, the state of Maryland halted all mandated assessments in the spring, with the intention to proceed in the fall of 2021,  when students would most likely be back attending school regularly. To accommodate this requirement, we will have delayed openings on September 22nd and September 29th, with non-testing students entering the building at 11:15. Our test coordinator is working hard to put together a schedule, and your child will receive a testing ticket with testing time and location in the coming week. Along with this, our typical local assessments of I-ready ELA and math MAP growth will occur if your child is enrolled in English or math this semester. Please see any attachments if you need further clarification.

MCAP_EarlyFall_Overview_1_Pgr_v.7 (1)_Final.pdf