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Senior Message 6-7

Good evening, seniors and families. This is Principal Savage with a special message.

Can you believe after everything that took place and didn’t take place this year, graduation is finally taking place on Saturday?

In preparation for Saturday please review the information below. (Just a reminder this applies to seniors in good standing once grades are posted.)

#1 – Behavior at graduation practice and graduation should be school appropriate and should demonstrate the great quality of students we have here at JMB. If at any point you decide not to show the best of JMB you may not be allowed to walk at graduation and prior to getting your diploma would need to meet with school administration. 

#2 – Check to make sure you still have your cap, gown, and tassel.  Several of these items were left on senior day.  You will need all pieces of commencement attire in order to participate in graduation. It is a good idea to write your name inside your cap, so you do not lose it when lining up for graduation.

#3 – Hang up your cap and gown in a bathroom so the steam can start to help it dewrinkle.

#4 – Review the Graduation Guidance Attachment.

#5 – The decorating of caps is not permitted.

#6 – Practice for Graduation is on Friday at noon.  Be ON TIME! The dress for practice is casual but still school appropriate. You do not need your cap and gown. Practice is mandatory.

#7 – Review the alma mater attached so you are ready to sing it one last time before you graduate.

#8 – Graduation attire is dressy. You will be walking on the grass at the stadium when you get your diploma cover. High heels could make walking difficult. Please review the graduation guidance attachment for more information.

#9 – Please review the attached document for approved honor cords. These will be the only items permitted at graduation.

#10 – Graduation will take place at 7:00pm on Saturday.  Students should arrive by 6 (don’t be late) and guests can enter the stadium starting at 6:15. All guests must have a ticket to enter the stadium. Once commencement begins no one additional will be allowed to enter.

#11 -  This same link will be used for pictures on senior day will have pictures add that are taken by Wicomico County Public Schools on graduation day.  Life Touch will also be at graduation to take pictures of graduates.

#12 - The Then and Now presentation will go live this week as one more reminder about the journey from toddler to graduate.  This will be shared on social media. 

#13 - Flowers will be available for purchase at graduation. In the email is a link to pre order flowers for commencement through the Commencement Group. The Commencement Group will be set up outside of the stadium at graduation. Purchases can be made at graduation, but preorders are preferred to ensure you get what want. (I am not sure when they are cutting off pre-orders)

Commencement Group Link

#14 – Formal behavior is expected during commencement.  Please remind friends and relatives who may be attending that applause, cheering, or any sign of individual recognition is inappropriate. 

#15 - Most importantly remember that graduation is about you and your hard work. From the staff here at JMB, “We are proud of you!”

Thank you and have a good evening.