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Senior Message 5-28

Good evening, seniors and families. This is Principal Savage with a special message.

It was so wonderful to see the seniors enjoying themselves this past Wednesday at the first ever “Senior Day!” Life Touch joined us for this event and took a class picture. More information about that picture will be coming. To see some the great moments that were captured checkout the link in the message.  We are still getting all the pictures uploaded.  This same link will be used for pictures taken by Wicomico County Public Schools on graduation day.  Life Touch will also be at graduation to take picture of graduates.

If you take a look at the senior timeline, we have already completed a lot of senior events.  However, we still have a few more hurdles to get over before graduation. Senior Timeline.docx 

Please make sure you have completed the link for graduation tickets by June 1st to guarantee we have them ready for pick up on the 4th   Any tickets requested received after June 1st will not be available until after the 7th.  If for some reason you are not planning to attend graduation, please also complete the link so we can verify your attendance.

Students should be submitting baby pictures for a Then and Now presentation prior to graduation on social media.  The link to submit a picture is in the email. Senior Then & Now Baby Picture Submission Form Deadline June 3rd.

Please keep in mind that attendance still matters. If seniors decide to miss those last few days and it puts them at 5 unexcused days, then it would mean they fail unless they complete attendance recovery.

Evening High School has ended, and administration is reviewing grades. If you failed an EHS class that you needed for graduation it is likely that you will not be walking at commencement and will need to attend summer school or EHS in the fall.

Flowers will be available for purchase at graduation. In the email is a link to pre order flowers for commencement through the Commencement Group. The Commencement Group will be set up outside of the stadium at graduation. Purchases can be made at graduation, but preorders are preferred to ensure you get what want.

Commencement Group Link

Senior Spotlights are happing now on our social media pages.

Seniors who are attending in person may return their textbooks and laptops on June 3rd.  For all other seniors, the returning of items will take place on June 4th.  If you want to get it out of the way and possibly cut down on waiting in line on the afternoon of the 4th you can return your laptops and materials on the morning of the 4th from 9-11 at the end of A-wing.  Or you may come between 1:30 to 4 when you can also pick up your graduation tickets.  Graduation tickets WILL NOT be available between the 9-11.  Graduation tickets are only available from 1:30 to 4:00.

Please understand that prior to picking up graduation tickets students must be in good standing with the school.  Meaning they should be on schedule to pass their class, no fines, all textbooks returned, and all technology returned to include laptop, charger, and hotspot. Only when the student is in good standings will they be able to pick up their graduation tickets.

 Please put on the calendar if you have not already that graduation practice is on June 11th at noon, and it is mandatory in order to walk at commencement on the 12th.

Please also take some time to review the graduation guidance as we have updated some of the wording related to clothing for commencement. graduation guidance.docx 

Scholarship reporting- Please remember to complete the google document to report all Scholarship money awarded, even if you do not plan to attend a college that has offered you the scholarship. We track all scholarship totals to report the total amount of money that your senior class has been awarded this year, so we want to make sure our numbers are accurate! You can report all scholarship money which includes money from each college to which you were accepted, community organizations, and other scholarship sources. You do not report grants or loans. Use the following link to report your scholarship awards:

We are almost there!

Thank you and have a good evening.