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Parent Message 5/30

Good evening, Clipper families. This is Principal Savage with your weekly message. 

As we look toward next week, just a reminder that we are off tomorrow in observance of Memorial Day. As we return on Tuesday, we also find ourselves in June and in the final stretch of the school year.

Senior students and families, you got a special message on Friday so please be sure to check out all that information and details about upcoming events.

Just a last reminder that if you are taking an AP exam online, you need to download the AP browser for digital testing. There will be no tech support on the day of testing, so you need to make sure everything is working before the exam. Directions are attached. AP_2021_Testing_App_Teachers.docx You should also log in 30 minutes prior to testing. The test will automatically begin on time, so you want to be sure you are ready prior to the start time. Please also understand that if you are testing during administration 3 there are no make-up dates.

We will be holding our sports awards event on June 8th. If you participated in a sport this year you will be receiving more information about the event on Tuesday from Assistant Principal, Mr. Bailey.

Most of our seniors are finished on June 3rd but keep in mind that underclassman have school through June 15th with the 11th, 14th, and 15th being an early dismissal. Students will be dismissed at 12:45 on early dismissal days and will have classes 1 through 4 with no flex class. That means the last time students have flex will be on the 10th.

All school laptops will need to be returned to the school at the end of the school year.  For those attending in person, we will be collecting laptops on June 15th during lunch.  For students attending in person there will be a collection day on June 16th. At the time of collection, students need to return the laptop, charger, and hotspot. All items will be assessed for damage at the time of collection and each student will be entered in a drawing to win large sum gift cards.

If you ordered class pictures or team sports pictures they are in the office and ready to be picked up. If your student is attending in person have them stop by the office during lunch. If your student is virtual considering stopping by on Wednesday to pick up the items.

Please take time to review your schedule requests for next year in the family portal to ensure it is accurate.  Directions on how to review your requests are attached. Viewing Course Reqeusts on the Family and Student Portal.pdf If you have questions about your request, please reach out to your guidance counselor. 




(R-Z and ELL)  

9th grade


As you look toward summer and know you want to take some classes for original credit or to recover any previously failed course check out the summer school. Evening HIgh Final-01.png Note:  There will no longer be a charge for summer schools so please take advantage of getting caught up on credits if you are behind.

We are starting to hold interest meeting for next year’s groups. Information about these sessions can be found in on our weekly bulletin, WJMB news and in grade level google classrooms. Don’t miss out!


Check out this week’s bulletin – JMB Weekly Bulletin 5-31-2021.docx 


Here is this week’s WJMB news -

Thank you and have a great evening.