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Weekly Message 5-2

Good evening, Clipper families. This is Principal Savage with your weekly message. 

Please go to to complete the intent for next year. You will need to sign in with the student’s email (ending in and the password for that email account. If there are multiple students in your family, please sign in separately for each one. Parents and guardians who are also staff members should open an incognito browser window (Chrome), private window (Firefox) or InPrivate window (Edge), so they aren’t already logged in with their own staff credentials.

The county understands that families have questions right now, and here are a few answers to questions we have received.


  • The Statement of Intent is nonbinding. The Commitment to Education Plan for 2021-2022 School Year that parents and guardians will make in late spring or early summer will be binding, and the commitment will remain in effect through the end of the first semester (end of January 2022).


  • While the structure of the virtual program is still being worked out, virtual instruction is likely to blend live synchronous instruction with asynchronous work to be completed on the student’s own schedule.


  • The exact menu of courses that will be available in virtual instruction has not been set. While Wicomico Schools will not be able to provide every course that is offered in school through a virtual learning platform, attempts will be made to schedule students at the most appropriate learning level.


  • Students will be able to take part in extracurricular and other school activities as well as dual enrollment at local colleges and universities regardless of whether they are in-person or virtual.


Our band students and band director put on an awesome outdoor concert.  The music and weather were beautiful.  Be sure to check out the concert on the link in the email.


May 2nd-8th, 2021 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in Maryland.  Mental health refers to a person’s overall behavioral, social, emotional, and psychological well-being.  Mental health impacts how we think, feel, and act. Including how a child feels about themselves, relates to other children and adults, and handles changes, stress, and other life situations. One in five children experience a mental, emotional, or behavioral health problem before age 18. These problems affect children of all demographic groups, regardless of education, income, race, or culture.


James M. Bennett High School staff and students will be ambassadors for mental health awareness week by doing the following:


Spirit Week:

  • Mindful Monday: Wear your best exercise or relaxation clothes and prepare to take mindful moments throughout the day.
  • Yellow Tuesday: Wear yellow to support suicide prevention.  Be the sunshine in yours and other’s days!
  • Musical Wednesdays: Wear your favorite band or artist t-shirt.  Listen to music that inspires you while you do your asynchronous work.
  • Green Thursday: Wear green to support Children’s Mental Health Matters!
  • Fabulous Friday: Wear something that inspires others or makes you feel fabulous.


Activities During Flex:

  • Monday: Calming Phone Image
  • Tuesday: Emotion Planning: Grief and Sadness
  • Thursday: Mental Health Stigma
  • Friday: Gratitude Exercise


Activities During Lunch:

  • Monday: 5 minute guided meditation
  • Tuesday: Coloring Pages provided at the table
  • Thursday: Guided imagery activity during lunch
  • Friday: Mental health trivia with prizes


Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week:  cmhmw.jpg 


In addition to Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, it is also teacher appreciation week.  Next week would be a great time to reach out to a teacher who impacted you or who may have impacted your child.  We have a great staff at JMB, and I look forward to celebrating them throughout next week. 


Attention AP test takers.  Paper and pencil test administrations begin on Monday.  If you opted for Admin 1, your test will take place at the Moose Lodge on Snow Hill Road.  Please keep in mind that the time of the test is when the test will start, so please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early.  No cell phones are permitted in the testing area so please leave it home.

If you are testing digitally and have not downloaded the AP browser, please do that as soon as possible and make sure that it works.  Directions are in the grade level classrooms.

Due to low participation and an increase in the number of students transitioning to in-person learning starting Monday JMB will no longer have curbside meal service. Students who come into the building will still have access to breakfast but for students who are attending virtual to access the curbside meal service you can use a nearby school. 

Students who signed up for the spring Algebra 1 assessment will test on Wednesday the 5th and those taking the English 10 assessment will test on both Wednesdays the 12th and Wednesday the 19th.  If you have any further questions about this test administration, please contact our school testing coordinator, Mrs. Gosseline, at


Progress Report for 4th term is May 12th

Reminder that if you struggled quarter three of a full credit course and earned an E you need to earn a D quarter 4 to pass.  Also, if you earned a D third quarter you still need to earn a D quarter 4. D’s are a minimum as I know you can do better.  Please stay engaged and finish strong during quarter 4.

As you look toward summer and know you want to take some classes for original credit or to recover any previously failed course check out the summer school attachment. Evening HIgh Final-01.png 

The Maryland Higher Education Commission has worked with the Maryland Department of Health to have “University Days” at various mass COVID-19 vaccination sites throughout Maryland. Seniors or other high school students who are likely to be on a college campus in the fall, including as a dual enrollment student while in high school.   Please see attachment for more information. SM University Days.docx 

Check out this week’s bulletin – JMB Weekly Bulletin 5-1-2021.docx 


Here it this week’s WJMB news


Thank you and have a great evening.