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Senior Message 3-19

Special Senior Message

As you have heard the county is looking into a more traditional graduation ceremony in an outdoor setting.  As information about the location becomes available, I will be sure to share. As we approach April and continue to be required to practice physical distancing, it does not support us holding a dance.  Since a tradition prom with current restrictions is not an option, the senior class advisor, senior officers, and county HS principals have been and will continue to look at various options to celebrate seniors.  Starting next week seniors will be voting on their class song, color, flower, etc.  Parents if you are interested in help with senior events there is a volunteer sign up link in the email.

JMB Class of 2021: Class of 2021 Volunteers (

The senior class will once again be purchasing signs for graduates.  Signs will have a graduate’s photo so if you have not yet had your senior portraits taken, JMB will be offering three upcoming dates to sign-up for senior portraits. These dates are as follows:

  • For Seniors participating in Hybrid AA (Monday/Tuesday) or Hybrid AA/BB (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday) in-person learning, Portraits will be taken on Monday, March 22nd from 10:30 to 11:30 am.
  • For Seniors participating in Virtual instruction only, Portraits will be taken on Wednesday, March 24th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  
  • For Seniors participating in Hybrid BB or Thursday/Friday in-person learning, Portraits will be taken on Friday, March 26th from 10:30 to 11:30 am.


Again, if you have not had your Senior portraits taken and would like to sign-up for one of these dates, please contact Tery Carey at or Jason Capobianco at  by email or by phone at 410.677.5141 to reserve a space.


Please be aware, the Covid-19 Parent/Guardian Agreement must be signed prior to entering the building. If your parent/guardian has not signed this critical form, please access the link provided in the email portion of this message or visit prior to entering the building during your scheduled date/time:


COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Agreement | WCPS (


Please check out the information/flyer for the Wor-Wic Scholarship -    2021 HS Scholarship Application Flyer.pdf       2021 HS Scholarship Application Guide.pdf

Scholarships on the CFES website -  CFESflyer.docx 

Seniors entering job force after high school check out our newest opportunity:  Paths to Career Success Descriptions 2021 FINAL.pdf    Paths to Career Success Resume Review 2021 JMB.pdf   Paths to Career Success Slide 2021.pdf  BSL2020JM Bennett-updated.pdf 

  1. Seniors:  If you are planning to get a job after graduation? Do you want to know more about skills employers are looking for in people entering the workforce or are interested how you can use personal stories in a job interview to communicate your skills to employers?  If so, plan to complete the virtual JA Career Success & JA It's My Job career planning modules.  
    Find the information here:  (
  1. If you would like to have your work resume reviewed, please email one of the following     JMB teachers:
                 * Ms. Kayla Allen     

            * Mr. Chris Emge     

           *Mr. Matthew Fogle

             Steps to Getting Your Resume Reviewed:

                1.Email one of the designated teachers.

  1. The teacher will have a Resume assignment created in Google Classroom. They will add

                    you to their class list and send you the resume assignment.

  1. You will then upload your resume through Google Classroom. The teacher will then

                     review your resume and respond through Google Classroom.

  1.  Seniors:  Do you want to find out what skills and qualities local employers are looking for in their employees? If you do, email Mrs. Sheller (  to let her know you want to attend the virtual JA INSPIRE event to get your login information so that you can attend.

Seniors, keep in mind we have a school spirit week coming up, voting for homecoming court, planning for an alternative to prom, holding senior awards (outdoors), distributing cap and gown and graduating. We just have a short time left together so let’s continue to try to make the most of this unusual time.  I am so proud of you and understand you have endured a lot to get to this point, and I realize it is probably different than you and your parents envisioned for your senior year.