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Weekly Message 10/4

Good evening, Clipper families.  This is Principal Savage with your weekly message. 

I have been recently thinking about time as each weekly message means another week has gone by.  Though we might still be dealing with COVID 19, school is still currently virtual, and we may have spent some time separated from others to ensure safety, time has remained constant.  For a little while things maybe have seemed to be moving at a slower pace, but time did not slow down. As we enter this fall season, take time to appreciate the now, don’t just wait for things to get back to “normal” because our students are still working their way through high school and it is important for us and for them that we help them to see the positive during this very unusual time.  I truly missing seeing the students and the staff in hallway and in the classrooms, but I have also been truly amazed at some of the instructions the teachers are providing and at some of the work students have accomplished virtually.  Even though this year has not started like any of us had hoped, it is important that we continue to encourage our students in order for them to imagine a brighter future as they journey through high school.

Since we are on the subject of time now there suddenly seems to be a lot happening at JMB.  Yes, some virtually and some in person and as a result we are back to having a weekly bulletin.  We haven’t had a weekly bulleting since March, so this seems like a positive step in the right direction.  The bulletin is attached so be sure to check it out.  Bulletin 10-5-2020.docx 

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

Noon on Monday marks the closing date to sign up for this week’s tutoring sessions in Geometry and Algebra I.  If you signed your student up for a session, please make sure you also complete the COVID19 parent agreement.  The agreement must be completed prior to a student entering the building.  Please review the links in the email.

If you would like for your child to participate in the tutoring, please complete the following link for Algebra 1 .

For Geometry, please follow this link .

Along with the link, parents will also need to complete the COVID Parent agreement by following this link:

Tomorrow also marks the mid-term and progress reports will be available to view on the 7th.  On the 7th when progress reports become available an email will be sent to the parent and the student.  Then you will follow the directions in the attachment entitled viewing student and parent published reports. Viewing Student and Parent Published Reports.pdf 

Virtual College Boot Camp continues this week.  There were several great sessions last week and I anticipate that will continue into this week.  Seniors, don’t wait! Now is the time to get involved and make sure you have everything ready for college.  This is open any student in the Class of 2021.  Any questions should be directed to your school counselor.  Be sure to review the attached flyer for session details. College Boot Camp Calendar of Events 2020.pdf 

A reminder that students must attend zoom sessions to be counted present for school and class. To ensure that zoom sessions are closely monitored for security it is imperative that students turn on their camera for attendance.  Our county’s attendance policy is still in effect so if a student misses 5 or more unexcused days of school this term they will need to make up those days to help ensure they pass their classes.

If you have attendance questions, please contact Mrs. Wehlan our attendance secretary.

SGA elections are underway.

Thursday Oct 1st:                              Online Voting Begins at

Tuesday Oct 6th 3:00pm:             Online Voting Ends

When technology problems strike be sure to call the help line.  The tech helpline information is attached and comes in three languages.  Family Help Line English NEW.JPG  Family Help Line Haitian Creole NEW.JPG  Family Help Line Spanish NEW.JPG 

I look forward to this week as we being to bring some small groups back to school at the high school level.

Thank you and have a great evening.