Monday, May 22 Special High School Schedule
Special High School Schedule Monday, May 22 for Start of HSA Testing
Posted on 05/21/2017

High School Assessments (HSAs) will be administered starting Monday, May 22 for students enrolled in assessed courses (Government and Biology) as well as students who have previously taken and not passed one or both of these assessments.

All Wicomico County high schools will follow a special schedule May 22 to accommodate the start of HSA testing. On that day, the only students reporting to school by 7:45 a.m. will be students taking the HSA that day. (Please note that Magnet shuttles for elementary students will operate on the normal schedule. The ELL and Level V shuttles will run their normal schedules, with a later second shuttle run if needed.)

On May 22, any high school students not taking an HSA that day will report to school between 10:50 – 11:00 a.m. A second, later bus run for high school students will occur on this day to bring students to school at that time. The schedule for May 22 will be periods 4-5-6-7 with PM CTE reporting at the regular time. (No ATEX, AM CTE, or Project Lead the Way.)

High schools will administer the HSA on additional days as needed, with any makeups scheduled during the testing window, which runs through June 9. Each school has set and will share with students and parents its plan for HSA testing:

  • James M. Bennett High: Monday, May 22 Government HSA. May 23, 24 and 25 Biology HSA, date and location to be shared with students this week.
  • Mardela High: Monday, May 22 HSA testing for all students taking the Biology HSA and for Government students who are not enrolled in Biology. All students enrolled in both Biology and Government will take the Government HSA on Tuesday, May 23. Makeups to follow.
  • Parkside High: Monday, May 22 Government HSA. May 23-24 Biology HSA. Testing location passes to be handed out to students in class.
  • Wicomico High: Monday, May 22 testing for Government HSA and for Biology HSA (for any student who does not have to take the Government HSA, with the exception of Ms. Mathews’ 4th and 5th periods). Tuesday, May 23 morning and afternoon test sessions for Biology HSA. Passes have been given out in Government and Biology Classes for those students taking a class. The students who are not in a class but need to retest were given testing information individually. Students will get another pass in their homerooms Thursday, as a reminder. Passes include dates, times, and locations.