• Cell Phones and Social Media

    Students may not use their cell phone during class without teacher permission. Phones shall be turned off during class time unless the student is given specific permission to use it by the teacher of the class of which it is being used.

    Restrictions on cell phone usage:

    Students are prohibited from using their cell phone:

    • to cheat or plagiarize, to bully or haze others
    • to disrupt the learning environment
    • to view pornographic, vulgar, or inappropriate content
    • to post derogatory content on social media sites
    • to make video recordings at school, without teacher permission or school authorization
    • to take unsolicited or unwelcome photographs of students, staff, or facilities.

    Students who inappropriately use their cell phone at school will be subject to discipline as stipulated in the Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, students may lose their privilege of using their cell phone at school for a length of time to be determined by the school administrators.