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  • For a safe and orderly reopening, Wicomico students will return to our schools in stages, starting the week of February 2nd. We will do so with physical distancing, mask wearing and other important health and safety precautions for students and staff.  Here is our current return schedule:

    Week of February 2nd: Hybrid in-person instruction resumes for high school students who were in schools last fall in small groups. Teachers and other school staff members serving these students will be back in school buildings as of January 25th.

    Week of February 16th: Hybrid in-person instruction begins for grades 9-12. Teachers and other school staff members serving these students will be back in school buildings as of February 8th. 

    Fully virtual learning will continue to be an option this school year for students in all grade levels, and many of our students and parents have chosen this option. Parents who had previously committed to the virtual option for a student and now wish to change to the hybrid option should call the JMB Office at 410-677-5141. The school will work with the family on the request.

COVID Agreement

  • As we continue to prepare for our in-person options, if you selected to return two days a week you must complete the COVID agreement before you are able to return.  Complete this agreement here:

Update 2/9

  • Good evening Clipper families.  You are receiving this message because your student has been registered to attend school two days a week starting next week.  In case you are unsure what days your student is attending, please use the attached directions to view that information in the family portal.  Those of you marked AA will only attend next week on the 16th because the 15th is President’s Day.  Those students marked BB will attend Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th.

    New information:

    Attached to the email is the bus list so you can contact the drivers if you are unsure of the pickup and drop off times.

    Breakfast will be available for students prior to entering the buildings so we can avoid traffic into the cafeteria.

    Lunch is a one choice bagged lunch option and is free to all students.

    If you do not have a school laptop, you will be able to pick one up on Wednesday from 9-11 or from 1-3.  Students will need a school laptop when they return next week.

    Water fountains will not be accessible so students will be able to bring water in clear containers to school and carry it with them throughout the day.  We will also have water available as needed. Also remember we will not be using lockers.

    Just a reminder that though students are returning parents are not allowed to enter the building.

    Students who have PE will not be able to access the locker rooms so students will not be changing for PE.

    For our freshman and as a reminder to those of you who haven’t been here in a while.  The link below has some great information.  Parents, please be sure to share the link below with your students.  This would be handy for them to have as they navigate the building next week.

    Students will be given a headset by their first period teacher and can keep those to use throughout our hybrid experience.  Students should bring the headsets back and forth to school.

    Please know that students arriving at or after 7:45 will be considered tardy to school.

    Just a reminder, failure to comply with all safety regulations, appropriate social distancing, and mask usage, and/or failure to respect self and others may result in a student’s return to full virtual learning.

    Though the school setting may look different, we are looking forward to seeing our building come alive as students return next week.

From the School Nurse

  • If your student will be returning to the building for the 2nd semester and will require EMERGENCY MEDICATION at school please contact the school nurse to arrange a time to drop of the medication prior to January 29, 2021. Please be sure to have the completed Maryland State School Medication Administration form signed by the parent/guardian and the doctor.

Update 2/1

  • As your student gets ready to return to school two days a week there are a few important items below to keep in mind.

    *Safety will be a priority as we return.  Students should be prepared to wear a mask the entire day, except at lunch when eating.  Students who do on follow the rule of wearing a mask will receive a warning but continued refusal to wear a mask could result in the student returning to virtual instruction.

    Students will be expected to practice social distancing and there will be limited hallway movement. Again, we understand students may forget and will be warned but continued noncompliance could lead to them returning to virtual instruction.

    During this hybrid schedule students are expected to attend all their classes and should not be in the hallways outside of hallway transition times.  Students who are not consistent in attending classes will be warned and if they are not compliant will possibly be assigned to virtual instruction.

    Students will be expected to bring their laptops to school each day and have them fully charged.  Students should bring their chargers just in case. 

    Students will not be permitted to use lockers and should plan to carry any items they bring to school.

    When we start school on the 16th for the Monday/Tuesday group and the 18th for the Thursday/Friday group they should come with a screen shot of their schedule or a copy written down as we will not be providing paper copies of their schedules.  Information about how to view the schedule is attached.  This will be important, so student know the room number for each class period.

    To ensure safety, the bathroom will be made available in waves around the building during each period.  The bathrooms will then be cleaned after each wave.

    The nurse’s office will be seeing less traffic than in the past and will operate on a case by case bases to help ensure students are not exposed to any potential covid cases.  Minor first aid material such as band aids will be provided to teachers. 

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