• 5 Houses 1 Family

    At Chipman Elementary we are Five Houses and One Family.

    Our Houses:

    Kkeungi    Kulike     Respe'     Synergasia     Viongozi


    At Chipman we are a family, within that family we have a system of smaller families called Houses. Each scholar and staff member are a part of one of our five Houses and will remain with the House during their time at Chipman. Our five Houses are Viongozi, Kulike, Respe’, Synergasia, and Kkeungi. 

    Our five Houses bring scholars and staff from across the school together for a common purpose and bond. Scholars of the House aim to earn points daily by showing their Chipman B.E.S.T., working hard, earning good grades, being a great friend, and going above and beyond, just to name a few. Ultimately, each House is striving to earn the most points which is celebrated on a monthly basis. 

    Each month, Houses meet to discuss House goals, create chants, celebrations, and build community.  We encourage our scholars and staff to show their House pride as often as possible.