The goal of the Wicomico County mathematics  program is for all students to develop as mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.  By effectively utilizing the Standards of Mathematical Practice, students apply modeling and reasoning to solve rich problems within a variety of real-world contexts.

    Wicomico County follows the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards.  These standards represent not only a shift in curriculum and instruction but also in how students learn.  This shift requires that students engage in thinking and discussion in math class and become active learners rather than passive listeners.    Parents can talk with their child about perseverance which is referenced in practice 1 of the eight "practices." Students should be encouraged to not give up and pose questions when they are confused. Active participation develops these deep understandings while improving their overall reasoning and problem solving skills.

    If the parent or guardian feels that their child has reached a frustration point, this should be communicated with the child's teacher so that additional assistance can be provided.