• Hello Wonderful Willards Families, 

    This is Mrs. Nicholson hoping all in your family has remained well during this global pandemic.  I have an important message for all families.  As we continue to prepare for what could possibly be an extended time away from our schools, it is imperative that we as a school and school system understand the capabilities of our students to engage in distance learning using online and digital resources. 

    We are asking all families to click on the link showing in the email sent with this message, to take a brief survey which will provide us the information we need in order to make decisions on how to proceed in best serving our students with instructional guidance and materials, should the decision be made to continue the guidelines of social distancing in the state of Maryland.  If we do not have your email address, or for some reason you did not receive an email copy of this voice message, please look for this survey link on our Facebook page, or school website.  

    I cannot stress enough the importance of this information, so I am asking everyone to please complete this survey today, as time is of the essence regarding the making of future decisions on this matter. 


    Thank you so much for assisting us with this. Given the extent of the current health crisis in our nation, I know I have received many questions as to whether or not we will return on Monday, March 30th.  As we await further direction from our state department, please know that we wish all of our families the best of health and look forward to receiving our students back in our school as soon as we have been given the approval to reopen our doors.

     Thank you for your time. Stay safe and well.