Mission Statement

    • Mission Statement: The mission of our school community is to provide a safe school setting of academic excellence through the use of effective teaching techniques, ideas, and technology.

      Belief Statements:

      •          All students can learn.

      •          All students have the right to attend a school in which they can progress and learn.

      •          All students shall have an equal opportunity to learn rigorous content.

      •          All students have the right to a safe and supportive environment.

      •          All students’ learning will be enhanced with effective teaching techniques, innovative ideas and technology.

      •          All students have the right to a curriculum that incorporates ethnic and cultural diversity, reflective of the entire school population.

      •          All students are valued for themselves and their unique individual needs.

      •          All students are responsible for learning and following the Wicomico County Code of Conduct.

      •          All students, along with the school community, will accept the consequences for unacceptable conduct.

      •          It is the right and responsibility of all staff, parents, and school community to be involved in our pursuit of excellence.