In order to participate on any teams in the WiHi Athletics Program, all students trying out for a fall, winter or spring sport MUST:

    1. Have a completed WCBOE Student Athlete Physical packet completed and on file with Bryan White, the Athletic Trainer for Wi-Hi.
    2. Complete online registration - please read this document and follow the link for online registration: https://app.formreleaf.com/organizations/wicomico-high-school


    Attention all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: 

    Are you interested in the possibility of playing sports in college? If so, you need to start the process NOW to become eligible to play at a Division I or Division II college or university! Please make sure your guidance counselor is aware that you are beginning the registration process ASAP. Seniors- your counselor must know immediately to ensure that you have the needed credits, SAT/ACT scores, and GPA in order to be eligible!! DO NOT WAIT as this can jeopardize your chances of continuing athletics into college. For more information, please go to:http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/CBSA17.pdf
    To register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, go to: http://web3.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.jsp