Dr. Ryan Kessler - Principal

  •      Ryan Kessler

Carla Hicks - Asst.Principal

  • Carla Hicks Carla Hicks received her formal education in the Wicomico County Public Schools and the Delmar School District. Her higher education began at Salisbury State College, now Salisbury University. She has been with the Wicomico County School System for 32 years--- 24 years in the classroom and 8 years as an administrator. After serving as Assistant Principal at Prince Street for two years and Delmar for four years, Ms. Hicks joined the Charles H. Chipman Elementary School staff in July 2010. For most of her career, Carla Hicks has worked with students in grades 4 -6; but she is enjoying the challenge of the primary grades. As an administrator she served on the school systems Code of Conduct Revision Committee. If there is anything she can do to help your child be happy and successful at school, please do not hesitate to call her.