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    The March Instructional Leadership Team meeting took place on March 8th and the inclusion of a parent representative is already bearing fruit. There are now photos for the majority of staff members on the school website as was discussed in an earlier ILT meeting. These photos should help parents identify their children's teachers more easily when trying to make contact to discuss an issue regarding their students. The more feedback other parents provide, the more these kind of issues can be addressed and solutions found.

    Mr. Brady opened the March meeting with an encouraging presentation about WiHi with ideas about how to build school spirit and focus on the positive things going on at the school. However, he also provided an update on the number of referrals, suspensions, tardies and discipline issues. Some progress is being made, but challenges remain.

    Mr. Brady also updated the ILT on the school board's plan to locate Choices immediately adjacent to the WiHi campus. The board plans to build a fence around the facility, but there are still concerns about student populations from WiHi and Choices crossing paths at the beginning and end of each day, including bus riders and walk-in students. 

    Next, teachers were encouraged to work with maintenance personnel at WiHi to resolve issues (broken windows, locks, slippery floors, etc.) Parents visiting the school could contribute as well by making known to the administration issue they notice or become aware of through their students.

    A discussion also took place regarding the School Resource Officer (Sheriff's deputy) and what both the SRO and the school can do to maximize the SRO's effectiveness. These ideas range from an “open door” with the SRO and students, parking the patrol car at strategic locations around the campus throughout the day to increase visibility, setting up and organizing the cafeteria in a way that promotes a safe and inviting dining environment in collaboration with the SRO, maintenance, administration, and cafeteria personnel, and having the SRO present during large student gatherings and engaged as much as possible with students (Examples: assemblies, bus ramp, cafeteria, incentives, pep rallies, hallways.)

    Another topic of discussion was testing at WiHi, including both PARCC testing and the SAT tests recently taken by the junior class. The school continues students to prepare for and take these tests seriously as part of the ILT's effort to achieve College and Career Readiness for all students.

    Preparations for this year's Success for the Best (April 29th) activity are well under way. The school is hoping to have some WiHi alumni attend to swap stories with students as well as bring some community connection. Other spring events were discussed as well, including a Resume Workshop, Tribe Pride Awards, and the National Honor Society umbrella drive to provide umbrellas for student who walk to school.

    The April ILT meeting will take place on April 5. As always, questions, comments and feedback are welcome, and as ILT parent representative, I will communicate with the ILT and report back.

    If you have any questions or input for the ILT, please visit our facebook page and leave comments under this post and I will relay them to the ILT at our next meeting.
    Jerry Bier - 2016-17 ILT Parent Representative


    Each month, two dozen or so WiHi teachers and support personnel known collectively as the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) gather in the media center for three hours to share information and updates on school programs, procedures, plans and goals. Several students and a parent representative join the group to provide input and feedback and to facilitate communication between the Leadership Team and students and their families.
       Since the fall, I have been the parent representative and have been looking for ways to improve communication between the ILT and parents. To that end, I have prepared a brief summary of the topics covered at the February meeting. In this and future months, I will be working on balancing keeping the summary short while still providing an adequate level of information. Suggestions are welcome.
       Although the ILT covers a broad spectrum of topics, the primary goal involves improving the "college and career readiness" of WiHi students by focusing on improving vocabulary as measured by the reading and writing sections of the redesigned SAT. The school has been conducting a promotional campaign to alert students to the importance of college and career readiness and the related standardized testing. The campaign has had mixed results and the ILT discussed various ways to improve the results. The team discussed the SAT and PSAT, how students have done in the past and how best to measure improvement at WiHi, and how to help students (and parents) better in the future.
       All of the department representatives then gave updates on the various programs in their areas of responsibilities, such as history, science, Senior class, specials, and guidance. Principal Brady also addressed the ILT with some brief updates including a discussion regarding both positive and negative referrals and how they could be used most effectively.
        As parent representative, I suggested that more pictures of teachers and faculty members on the website would be helpful for parents in trying to identify who to talk to regarding our students. Photos have since been added for the majority of staff members and can be found on the school website, under "about us" and "staff directory".  
        If you have any questions or input for the ILT, please visit our facebook page and leave comments under this post and I will relay them to the ILT in March.
    Jerry Bier - 2016-17 ILT Parent Representative